Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute!

Hello my blogging buddies! I have to apologize for my 10 day absence. You see, my laptop got a virus and it took over a week for the techie guy at school to come save it. He was able to save a lot, but it still had to be re-imaged. In the middle of all that, my Internet was down for two days AND I went through the worst week of PMS I've ever had! Does anyone know anything about pre-menopause symptoms? I am going to see my doctor the week before Christmas....I was just wondering. But seriously, I can't have another week like that. It was awful.

Anyway, I'm here now and I have some gorgeous pictures to share. Last night was Indiana University's annual "Chimes of Christmas" concert for The Singing Hoosiers and the IU Symphony Orchestra. It was as beautiful as last year.

My family!

My handsome oldest son!

One of the many beautiful backgrounds with all the singers onstage.

The brass orchestra serenaded us in the lobby before the show!

The beautiful tree in the center of the lobby!

Also, Rachael had her Provdence Singers Christmas concert and she sang a solo: "O Holy Night!". I just got a new (inexpensive) video camera, but I haven't tried uploading the video yet. I got the whole solo on tape! And, Daniel had his football banquet, and Aaron had his very first orchestra concert at his school last week, playing his viola ( I don't have the pictures of that yet - my dad took them).

Pictures: Rachael doing her solo, Daniel and his football buddies

Finally, just to update you: For Rachael's fender-bender, we are NOT involving insurance companies, which is good. She has agreed to accept $1000 for the damages, even though her estimate shows $1200. Rachael is out there searching for a job. And as for the lady at work who drives me crazy, well, I finally popped. I had had enough. She's mad at me, but I feel better. And my counselor and my principal both said they didn't blame me.

That's all for now. Hope you're staying warm!



Jeff said...

Ten days? You are such a lightweight. I have been gone for months. lol Hopefully, I am back, though.

Brother Dave said...

You can be so absolutely proud of your kids. They certainly make this time of year special.

As for you popping your cork on the 'teacher' at school, at least your counselor and principal both are in your corner.

Let that 'teacher' be mad at you. Hopefully her behavior will improve.