Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

Okay, I promised to do better. But I didn't. (sigh) Maybe once a week is the best I can do these days. So here I am again.

Anyway, here's what's on my mind lately: gossiping. I have noticed lately that I have been doing more than my share of talking about others. It started when my coworker wasn't doing her job....and I had legitimate reasons to complain. But I have really noticed that it has become a very bad habit of mine, both at school and at the deli. I have to say, working at the deli makes feeding my bad habit easy. They love to gossip, both dish it out and hear it. With eager ears to hear and eager mouths to share "the latest", I can just jump right in.. But that's not excuse for participating. A couple of times I have been bitten by people gossiping about ME.....and all I can think is, well, it serves you right. What goes around comes around.

So I am making a change. Just like going on a diet means conciously changing what you eat and how you shop and how you exercise. I am going to "give up" gossiping. As my mother used to say, if I can't say something nice, I'm not going to say anything at all. I'm not proud of my behavior and I need to stop.

This is not the only "better person" change I am putting in place. But it's a big one.

What are you working on these days?

Have a good Monday. I'll be back before Thanksgiving.



Poppy said...

Such a healthy thing to give up.

I'm working on believing people. Believing them leads to trusting them. Trusting them leads to a healthier relationship between us. A healthier relationship between us means I am also healthier emotionally and physically.

Just Dave said...

I am trying to stop shooting out of my car window with my AR-15 at people that piss me. It's a challenge but I must get control of this impulse. Ammunition is just getting too damn expensive.

Finn said...

I am working being able to combine the things I absolutely love and making a living at it.

Brother Dave said...

My Mother never gossiped. She truly believed in saying something nice about a person, or nothing at all. Men are said to be bigger gossips than the ladies. At work it is easy to engage in.

Yes, I am guilty of gossiping. Just the same, I often bite my tongue when tempted to remark about someone. Often we're passing along hearsay, and that gets blown out of proportion with the repeated tellings.

Now, HoosierGirl, you have started me thinking about what would be a good 'New Year's Resolution' for me.

Superwoman said...

I think this is a problem with most women. I know I constantly am working on this. The worst is when I start talking, stop myself and sushi says "aw cummon, what fun is it getting to be the husband if I don't get to hear your mean thoughts". sigh. I guess at least I try to keep it between us and not with everyone I see.