Sunday, November 15, 2009

Okay, I'm a Slacker!

Hey everyone....remember me? HoosierGirl? I'm sure the name rings a bell....I used to hang around the blogosphere quite a bit. Where have I been lately? Well, where haven't I been is a better question.

School has really been demanding. It's as if the more I learn about how to do my job well, the more I have to do. I like it, but wow, it's hectic. In addition, in an attempt to eventually quit working at the delit, I have started supervising in the cafeteria daily in place of my 45 minute planning time. I am allowed to do this, and get paid for doing my planning before or after school. So I get paid for 45 minutes of my time and the lady who supervises the lunchroom full time gets an extra set of eyes while the very-difficult 3rd and 4th graders eat lunch. The only "down side" to this arrangement is that I now have even more work to do before and after school. You would be surprised at how much you can get done during that 45 minute daily planning time.

I am also still working the deli. Let's face it, Christmas is coming, my poor car is falling apart one section at a time, and I need all the money I can get. So I'm still going over there 15-20 hours a week, at least until after Christmas. If I don't go crazy and kill the deli manager first.

ANYWAY, I didn't intend to write about how much work I have. I intended to write about the movie Steven and I went to see last night: "2012". It's about the end of the world on Dec.21, 2012. It doesn't have a very complicated story line - basically the whole world is destroyed and this guy and his family are trying to stay alive - but it's really exciting with a lot of great visuals. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. AND, it has John Cusak, who I think is totally adorable, which is a bonus. (wink) I highly recommend it.

What is everyone plannning for Thanksgiving? Does anyone else think it's crazy that they're already playing Christmas music in the stores? Personally I think in a couple of years "Black Friday" is going to occur on the Friday after Halloween, not Thanksgiving. I mean, all the Christmas stuff came out in the stores then anyway.

By the way, did anyone else read about them "leaking" Target's "Black Friday" ad? Looks like some really good deals.

So that's all for me. I promise to do better this week.
Have a great Monday.



Jan said...

Well helloooooo there! From one slacker to another! LOL Although I'm working harder at correcting that! You make me tired just reading what all you are doing. Slooow down!

My son was all in a tizzy about the movie "2012"...wanting to know if I thought it could come true. I told him I've heard about the world ending every year since I was a young child. If and when it happens, we'll all go together. Stop worrying. lol But I would love to see the movie. I bet it's great!

We're spending Thanksgiving at a family reunion on the hubs side. So I'll be at a KC Hall with 200 italians eating catered food. It always feels like a mafia gathering when the italian music starts and they all hold hands and start dancing. :giggling: So think fo me dancing my way through Thanksgiving with a lil vino. :)
I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one!

Sayre said...

I'd love to see "2012" but will probably wait until it goes to the cheaper theater...

You do sound busy. I'm busy too.

I don't know what Thanksgiving is going to be like. My mom had a stroke on Saturday and we're still going back and forth to the hospital. Originally, they (the parents) were going to go to Atlanta to TG with my brother, but recent events may have changed that. I may be hosting TG myself as Mom won't be able to do it, but we do have people here who will be looking to celebrate.

Superwoman said...

We will have thanksgiving dinner about three times this year as we do every year. We will be hosting on Thanksgiving day, the next day is a family reunion/annual Thanksgiving feast with my extende3d family, we had thanksgiving dinner last night at my parents, and Saturday we will be having "snack foods" at Sushi's family, yep, three straight days of thanksgiving, we get a little tired of turkey. ;)

Brother Dave said...

Last year, while shopping for Hallowe'en candy, the store was playing Christmas music overhead. I could not believe it.

An early Black Friday might be timely. I believe that those who can might loosen their purse-strings just to do some 'feel good' purchases since the economy has been in the toilet.

We will roast a bird for Thanksgiving. Cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries is a special treat. The recipe calls for chopped walnut pieces. Yummy! Ours will be a typical Thanksgiving Dinner.