Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fort Hood, Texas

On Thursday, I was totally stunned when the story of a shooter on the base of Ft.Hood hit the news. I have been to Ft.Hood!!!

Steven's parents live in a nearby town. Steven's dad is retired Army, and they go to the base to shop at the PX at least once a week. In fact, Steven's mom told me they were supposed to go to Ft.Hood that morning to get Steven's dad a haircut, but changed their minds. Thank God.

I really feel for the families who lost someone in that shooting.

Sorry I've been AWOL here lately. I will do better this week.
Have a good Monday everyone.



Palm Springs Savant said...

Things like that are so upsetting to me too. So senseless.

Brother Dave said...

Our middle son did his medic training at Fort Hood before going to Iraq.

Jan said...

I was really shocked about this too!