Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10 Things I'm Thankful For.....And more.

Okay, this week's "10 on Tuesday" is "10 Things I'm Thankful For". Except it's Wednesday. But I'm doing it anyway. That's the power I wield here. I know, you're impressed.

1. My cat. I really love both my cats, but Moustache is my favorite. I am thankful for his playfulness and his warm purring at night. He's my baby.

2. My kids. All of them are both wonderful and annoying. But they are blessings beyond compare. My life would not be anywhere near as rich without them.

3. My parents. My parents drive me crazy sometimes, really they do. But without them my kids and I would have not had so many things. And they're good people.

4 My job. I love my teaching job. It gives me purpose and challenge. I am also thankful for the mess that is my job at the deli. It enables me to pay the kids' tuition and keep up with my bills. I am grateful for the opportunity.

5. Good books. I would die if I couldn't read. Books enrich me and stretch me and nourish me. I am so thankful that good literature is still being produced in this digital age.

6. My friends. This has been the year of developing and extending friendships. I actually have some "girlfriends". And I have some great colleagues.

7. My faith. I had kind of drifted away from going to church regularly, but I am making a concerted effort to go to church every Sunday. It makes me feel good about myself. I was an "every Sunday no matter what" person my whole life. That's who I am.

8. My home. My house is medium-small. It's falling apart. But it's warm and cozy and it's our "port in a storm".

9. Music. I love music, all kinds. It calms me at night and pumps me up in the morning. It is truly a blessing.

10. Steven. Words can't express my love and admiration for this guy. He's my partner and I love him. I am very thankful for him.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Just Dave said...

My new job, my family, my freedom, my friends, both online and off. I am truly blessed.

Sayre said...

That's a mighty fine list of gratefulness there!!! I second every one.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Brother Dave said...

You remind me of the things that we should always be grateful for. Nice list, yours.

karisma said...

Lovely list! Happy Thanksgiving..mwah xoxox

Hoosier Girl said...

I'm thankful for all of you! (smile)

Happy Thanksgiving!