Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Update on the World of HoosierGirl

Hey blog world! Remember me? Since I have been too busy lately to keep very well with my blogging, I thought I would do a "catch up" post! Here goes:

Work -

Things at school are good but very busy. My teaching roommate is incompetent and drives me crazy, but other than that, I love my job. I had a student teacher for the first 7 weeks of school and I miss her. My students are doing well. For the most part, they are all making progress.

Things at the Kr**er deli have not been so good. The department manager is kind of difficult. I requested a transfer to cashier, but she blocked it. And now because she's mad at me, she's giving me all the rotten shifts. I worked 16 hours this weekend, 2 8-hour shifts, because she knows I don't like to work all weekend. It sucks, but I need the extra money, especially with Christmas coming up. I'm looking for other options. The good news, I do like all the other people who work in the deli. They are really nice, and mostly are a lot of fun.


Joseph is doing well at IU. He hasn't been able to come home yet, but Rachael and I are going to try to go up to see him next weekend. I miss him.

Rachael will be 18 years old in just 3 days. She just got back from her Senior retreat, which was a very powerful experience for her. She is having a fun and happy senior year.

Daniel is just about to wrap up football season (yay!). He has had a great first year - the JV team is undefeated. His grades are good and he is, as always, a very responsible yet goofy person.

Aaron is still having some struggles. One step forward and two steps back. His grades are good and he likes his teacher, but his social issues continue. He is showing signs of maturity now and then. I have hope.

Pets -

We still have the two cats, Butterball and Moustache, but we just added a new kitten, Caboose. He was a stray that my friend Heather at school found and I agreed to take. He is a funny little mixture of sweetheart and alley cat.

Love life-

Steven and I are doing well. Coming soon in November, we will have known each other 2 years. He is still keeping busy driving the truck but manages to be here about once a week or at most every two weeks. We are quite domesticated, and I like it. What can I say? I love the big guy!
Other news:
I think Jon Gosselin is despicable. I think David Letterman should be ashamed of himself. And I think the mom of the Duggar family is crazy.

That's about it. Right now I feel like I'm getting a cold. Otherwise, life is pretty good.

Hows it going with you?



karisma said...

Wow! Do I detect a "real" teacher here? Just asking coz at the local schools they are far and few between! LOL! What never ceases to amaze me is that those I seem to attract or I am attracted to are ALL excellent "teachers" or homeschoolers or those who are just very gifted in either the literary dept or the artistic types! LOL! By the sound of you, you are or will be a most excellent teacher! Don't let society and its shit get in YOUR way!

Currently down here it is taking MY ALL to stay away from the local high school and Get up those idiots who get paid to sit there and hand out text books without actually teaching! It really grates my nerves! I pay money for my daughter to attend and she has to either teach herself or I have to help her while they sit back and a) downgrade the smart kids so it looks like they are doing their jobs and all the kids are passing and/or b) take the credit for ALL of the kids passing when they sit back and do nothing (yes they pass kids even if they fail and take the marks from the kids that excel (one being my kid! Im mad! and make it look like they all pass but are not top notch so the school still gets funding!) I am SO SO ready to have them all sacked! Lucky Im nice hey? They hate to see me coming, really they do! After three kids going in TOP notch and then going down hill, considering dd2 who they said had NO HOPE got one of the highest marks in the state for her exams (just goes to show favourtism still exists in schools) one would have to say it is something to do with the school there, hey? Or the teachers! Currently I fight with them not for my own child but for Barbie (TC's girlfriend) who pulled herself up regardless of the lack of teaching and Who is a great writer as far as I can see and gets told by them she is shit and useless????? This kids writes amazing stuff for a kid with NO support! And why do they say that to her? Because the "advanced class" ended up with her the only one left and the teacher can't be bothered staying back and teaching her! How fucking rude is that??? (And yes I normally would not say that word but hey! Poor kid!)

Anyway I better shut up as I feel like I am starting to rant!

Glad you are still alive and kicking my sweet! Much love, hugs and smoochies xxxoxoxoxox

Superwoman said...

Just had the longest weekend ever with a trip to the ER, a wedding, a baby blessing, and a trip to the instacare within three days. I am unfortunately, glad it's monday.

Just Dave said...

Still looking for work. Had a good time last night at a networking event drinking Guinness, eating free food and watching the Broncos beat San Diego. More job hunting today, I guess.

Sayre said...

I read this the other day, but for some reason, I wasn't commenting on anyone's blogs that day. Just didn't feel it. I'm back to normal now!

Things sound so busy for you - about like they are for me. I know that some days it's a real struggle to come up with something to write because as busy as we are, it's not always interesting or even worth expanding upon. I guess that's one reason I like doing Fun Monday - it gives me something to write about!