Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachael!

Time to change the numbers in my "About Me" section. Rachael is turning 18 tomorrow. I can't believe it. I know I sound like MY mom when I say this, but it seems like she was a baby just the other day. 18 years. God, how things have changed, both for me and for her.

I always get a little pensive around the kids' birthdays, because remembering the day she was born is bittersweet. My life was so different then. In many ways, we are all much happier now. But sometimes I miss having that life, the traditional kind of life and family.

Anyway, let me just tell you about my girl:

  • Rachael is very smart. She gets good grades almost without trying. High school was a bit of a shock for her because she actually had to apply herself a little.

  • Rachael has an amazing voice. She used to be in a rock band, "Ms. Understood". She still takes voice lessons and sings classical Italian arias in competitions. My girl sang the National Anthem in the middle of the football field at the Homecoming game in front of hundreds of people and didn't miss a note.

  • Rachael is funny. She can arch one eyebrow in the funniest way. She laughs and jokes with her brothers and generally tolerates a lot of abuse.

  • Rachael is loyal. She is everyone's biggest fan. She has been to not-so-exciting 8 yr. old soccer games, many jr. high and JV football games, and every play Joseph has ever done. She is a good friend and is always doing something for someone else's birthday.

  • Rachael can be a hormonal, emotional mess. She is, afterall, MY daughter....ha, ha. But she doesn't get like this too often.

    • Anyway, Happy Birthday Rachael!

      I love you!



      Blondefabulous said...

      Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

      Sayre said...

      So now you are mom to two adults and two children! Rachael's very lucky to have you for a mom... you appreciate so much about her. Not all children are so blessed.

      Happy Birthday, Rachael!!!

      Sushiboy said...

      Happy B-Day Rachael!

      Brother Dave said...

      Rachael, Happy Birthday.

      And lots of 'happy unbirthdays'.

      Superwoman said...

      what a great tribute to a great girl! Happy Birthday!

      e.Craig Crawford said...

      Wishing Rachael a memorable 18th birthday. They grow up so fast, don't they!

      Hoosier Girl said...

      Thanks, guys. She had a great birthday and really raked in the dough.


      Poppy said...

      Happppppy birrrrrrthday, Rachael!