Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fun Monday, What I love about fall, by a Guest Poster

I am fortunate to have travelled all across the beautiful US of A, (well, most of it! I've got three states left to see.) If there's one thing that we as citizens share, it's our appreciation for Fall.

Most of us are fed up with the dog days of Summer. We're pretty much tired of sweating like a pillow case filled with water. Lets not mention that we're done with hotdogs for a while too. Mowing the grass will be replaced by raking leaves and shovelling snow, and scraping Ice from windows.

While harvest time may be a season of distress to some; to me it signals the end to another growing season. Corn, wheat, soybeans, milo, just to name a few have been harvested, sent to market, and the farmers are busy planting all over again. The calves, piglets, foals, and the little bambi's are now mature enough to be on their own. The boys of summer are getting ready to clear their lockers, while football is just starting to get exciting. Uh oh, I think I was wrong about the hotdogs. Can't have a tailgate party without the Dogs!!!!

Now, for the things I like about Fall. I think I'll list this in a Top 10 format:

1. Pumpkins
Fall makes me think of pumpkins, Indian corn, and pecan pie. (yummy) Most everywhere I go there are big pumpkin displays. Pumpkins of all sorts + sizes.

2. Thanksgiving.
You may, or may not agree, but I think Thanksgiving should be almost as important as Christmas. A lot of hands went to work to produce all that we enjoy at Thanksgiving. And there are a lot of our sons and daughters who have gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can celebrate this day.

3. Corn Mazes!
It speaks for itself. Who can resist a good puzzle?

4. The fall colors.
The changing of the leaves is like the turning of the pages of a good book.

5. Kids.
There is something about kids and pumpkins and corn mazes and fall festivals and kids who discover the perfect pumpkin.

6. Trick-or-treating.
I do love to be the "treatee" (the guy who sits on the porch and hands out the goodies).

7. Bonfires.
I was in Scouts for 11 years in one form or another and no weekend would be complete without a campfire or a bonfire as we would have.

8. Football.
It could be jr. high, high school, college, pro - football is football.

9. Parades.
Almost every community in the country has a parade of some kind in the fall. I've participated in my share of parades and I always gripe but I always have fun.

10. Hoosier Girl
The inspiration for this post. I met HoosierGirl in the fall and my life has never been the same. Hoosier Girl's perpetual optimism really has me seeing the fall in a new light.

Hope you liked my list.

Trukindude (HoosierGirl's significant other)


Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Awesome list!!

Except the bonfire part. We in Texas still remember this: n

Although the tradition continues, so does the sadness.

But I'm totally with you on the rest!!

Sayre said...

Great list, Stephen! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I think it highlights the things we need to do the most - give thanks for the good in our lives. And everyone's got good, even if they have to look hard for it. Beats out Christmas commercialism hands down, in my opinion!

Faye said...

Do I detect an IN farmer hidden in the list Steven, or just someone who appreciates what they produce? In my former work I had several friends who were involved in agriculture in your state. You Hoosiers are lucky to have Brown County for fall color--it's beautiful and no fall is complete without a trip there. And, I'm with you on the ranking of Thanksgiving--best holiday of the year.

Jan n Jer said...

Hello Steven and welcome to F.M. I share a lot of the same feelings as you do as far as fall is concerned. Its a wonderful (the best)time of year. And I agree with you...Thanksgiving is the best holiday...we all need to take time and give thanks for our great Country. and Hossier girl make the cutest couple. Happy FM..come back again real soon! P.S. My hubs n I were married Oct 21 (getting ready to celerate 20yrs) so that makes fall even more special to us!

Lil Mouse said...

ooh, fire. he he.

wendishness said...

Great list, I can't remember the last bonfire...we miss out on so much down in Australia, though I guess we make up for it with other amazing things ;-)

Hoosier Girl said...

Stephanie -
Thanks and I would like to say I remember that horrible weekend. I grew just a few hours from College Station. I got some of my management training there, so I'm aware of what being an Aggie means to you.

Sayre - thank you, and I agree with your comments. Did HG tell you I had a grand ole tour of Florida two weeks ago?
Yup, I-95 to Riviera Beach, up to Port Canaveral, back down to Miami Beach, back to Cape Canaveral, over to Barstow via Orlando, then off to HG. Whew, that was a long week!

Faye - thanks and great minds think alike. We're fortunate to live on the edge of the Hoosier Natl. Forest. Absolutely beautiful!
Me? A farmer? Naw, I used to have some crop land and I soon discovered that I could truck, or I could farm, but I couldn't do both! Since it's hard to make a living on 14 acres, it was pretty much a given that I would be truckin. But, there are many, many similarities between farmin + truckin. And, I really do appreciate the hours + hours farmers devote to the land trying to earn some money for that newest Deere combine that just has their name on it.
Hah, boys and their toys!

Jan + Jer - thanks to you too. And thank you for your hearty welcome to FM! I'm not as talented a poster as HG is, but she cuts me loose once, or twice a year.
I agree that Thanksgiving is the best, and congratulations on your milestone Anniversary!

Lil Mous - fire huh? There's three things sure to get a males attention! Water, fire, girls; but not necessarily in that order.

Wendishnes - Oooooohhhhhh, Austrailia! I sooo want to pilot one of your Road Trains! And visit, and share, and eat, and explore! And of course, drink beer! (just a little though, your stuff is quite strong.)
To go to Austrailia is one of my dream trips! I might have to leave HG behind though. The 7th Continent is like Texas; everything bites, stings, or gives you a rash, and she hates bugs and venomous reptiles.
Hah, I can hear HG now; Leave me behind? I think not! I'm sure she'll find some 5 star hotel with hunky Cabana Boys who'll shoo away all the bad critters.

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