Friday, September 11, 2009


September 11th

I was teaching 3rd grade. It's a day I'll never forget.



karisma said...

Yeah! Me too! I will never forget it myself! I was stunned that such a powerful country could be penetrated! However I have finally realized how the expression "paybacks a bitch" comes into focus! Yeah the terrorist did something horrible but the payback has been pretty awful for people that did not cause it! I think its about time everyone woke up to that! Too many babies are suffering in other countries because ONE arsehole caused a lot of shit for a country that has the power to pay it back severely!

I am not condoning what happened, just the repercussions! If I slapped you in the face would you slap ME back... or my children... or my cousins... or my best friends? Just asking? Im thinking after all this time people need to wake up to that! Yeah! I don't watch the commercial news! I watch the whole picture!

I am only human! I don't have the right to judge anyone else! But when I see babies and children suffering for something someone else did! It makes me MAD!!!!

Its nice to remember but its also nice to forgive and move on!

I have a lot of love for everyone! NO matter where they come from!

Brother Dave said...
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Brother Dave said...

The twin towers terrorist attacks seemed surreal when it was televised. I could not believe what was being shown.

When the second tower got hit I thought "this cannot be." Next came the Pentagon strike. "What would be next," I wondered.

What a brilliant plan. Hijack airplanes that are expected to be seen on radar screens before activating the terrorist plan.

We apparently had accumulated enough information over the months just prior to raise strong suspicions that big trouble was brewing.

I do not agree with the Iraq invasion. However, we should have left our troops in Afghanistan and ensured eradication of Taliban there.

It is important to eliminate the enemy; yet, not pour our hatred onto innocent people who share the Taliban's ethnicity.

Hoosier Girl said...

Karisma - I agree with you. It was just a horrific day. We had no idea where they would hit next - I live very close to a major US river. What if they had plans to crash 10 planes? I just wanted to get home that day to my kids and hang on.

Brother Dave - What scared me about all that was how well thought out and planned it was! I pray they are never able to pull something like that again.


trkndude299 said...

Karisma, I'm not gonna pick a fight but all those affected in our country had kids and family too.
I'm not certain invading countries was in order but the American people were screaming for action, but they didn't specify what action.
The President has a sworn duty to protect Americans from threats foreign and domestic. Saddam just made it so easy to be a scape goat, although he earned his butt whupin. (we went into Croatia for a lot less crimes than saddam did.)

For those who don't know; I was in NYC that fateful day. And I was in + out of NYC for years. I could go on + on about how this chain of events changed the landscape forever.
I will say I was so proud of the New Yorkers. They have had a bad rep that they earned by riots + looting in previous power outages, but this time they held to a higher standard and kept the high ground.
There was an area in Queens that had no power for 8 days, and not one home or business was broken into. Oh, this same area was just outside the fences of Con Ed-the power company!
How's that for irony?