Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Days of School

Okay, this is going to be a quickie. (hee, hee)

Rachael - First days as a senior and driving to school going well. She LOVES her independence. I love the convenience. Scored one of the "good" lockers between her two best friends. All is well.

Daniel - First days as a high schooler going great. Loves his math teacher (how can you beat THAT?). Has a locker next to his best friend of many years. Has been receiving lots of positive attention from the upperclassmen football players and from former teachers of his older siblings. So far, so good.

Aaron - Today was the first day of public school. Loved wearing "regular" clothes. Likes his teacher. Rode the school bus home for the very first time ever. Good first day.

Me - Very, very busy first day. One of my co-teachers totally driving me crazy. My student teacher is excellent. Brand-new shoes about a half size too big, kept falling off my feet when I walked quickly. Lots of new kids. And for God's sake, people, TEACH YOUR CHILD HIS FULL NAME AND ADDRESS, BEFORE YOU SEND HIM TO KINDERGARTEN. Overall, good day.

I have pictures of everyone, but I'm too lazytired to upload them tonight.



Jay said...

I still remember the first day I showed up for Kindergarden and I argued with my teacher and mother over what my name was. I think that's where the scars started. LOL ;-)

Sayre said...

We still have another week before school starts. I can't wait!!!!

Hooray for good starts! Sorry you're being driven crazy already.

Finn said...

Thank goodness for a smooth start.

I actually can't believe that someone starts school earlier than we do in Florida!

Just Dave said...

May the rest of the year go as smoothly.

Brother Dave said...

Great week.

Now your feet can grow.

Rita said...

I can't belive that someone starts school there. Is it really true?


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