Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 on Tuesday - Places to Eat!

This week's "10 on Tuesday" topic is "10 Favorite Places to Eat":

  1. Olive Garden ( love the breadsticks and salad and ALL forms of pasta!)
  2. Taco Bell (I know, I know...but it's cheap, yummy, and easy)
  3. Pizzaria Uno in Chicago (mmmmm.....deep dish pizza. Too good.)
  4. Rocky's Italian Grille (on the Ohio River across from Louisville, Kentucky)
  5. Panera ( I can't get enough of the paninis)
  6. Just about any Chinese place. (I know....I'm easy)
  7. Kobe Steak House (I love the circus show atmosphere)
  8. Denny's. (you can get breakfast ANY TIME!!!!)
  9. my parents' house.
  10. Steven's parents' house.

What's one of YOUR favorite places to eat?



Superwoman said...

anyplace I don't have to! hee hee, j/k, I really do love to cook when I WANT to but if I HAVE to, (you know, the daily grind) then I really hate it, it's just another chore. However, my favorite place to eat is probably Red Lobster, Yummy, yummy crab fettuchini with a ceasar salad and their yummy biscuits. Can you say a whole days worth of calories in one meal???!!! However, it is sooo good. Well worth the few times a year I go!

Sayre said...

The FSU Golf Course restaurant has the world's BEST cheeseburgers. And I love Mexican, Chinese. Italian. We only have one Olive Garden and it's always a zoo, so we rarely eat there, but we do carry out at a little place not far from home. Pretty much, if I don't have to cook it, I like it.

Exception: Golden Corral

Finn said...

I love the four-cheese individual pizza at Uno's. Delish!

I love The Melting Pot, which is a fondue restaurant.

Also a huge fan of Japanese steak houses.

Just Dave said...

Hickory House - best ribs ever.