Saturday, May 09, 2009

Prom Pictures!!!

Okay, I know these are a jumble, but here she is. Rachael attended her first prom tonight. And no, the boy in the picture is not her date. Just one of the group. Isn't she beautiful?


Blondefabulous said...

Aaaaawwwww! I bet she had a good time!

Biddie said...

Oh, gorgeous!
Did she have a blast???

My daughter is going to her prom on the 29th..I am almost as excited as she is!

karisma said...

Gorgeous! Hope she had the best time ever! I'm totally loving that dress! Just beautiful and suits the gorgeous girl to a T! Woo Hoo! Stunning!!!

WillowMoon said...

Beautiful she is just beautiful. I hope she had the time of her life.

Sayre said...

Oh, that blue dress is just amazing on her!

Hoosier Girl said...

Blondefabulous - Yes, she did!

Biddie - She had a great time. Prom, after-prom event sponsored by the school at the local sports complex, then slumber party at a friend's house.

Karisma - That dress was a prom dress bargain AND she looks great in it. Thanks!

WillowMoon - She amazes me at how beautiful she is! Thanks!


Brother Dave said...

Special event, special memories, special friends.

Golly, Rachel has grown up so fast.

Just Dave said...

It's hard to accept when they show up all dressed up and looking like real people. Was there a little tear in our Jodi's eye? If there wasn't, there should have been.

Hoosier Girl said...

Sayre - Thanks! I thought it was very tasteful.

Brother Dave - Don't remind me. She'll be going off to college before you know it.

JustDAve - Yes, I did tear up a couple of times. She's so beautiful.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Your baby girl is growing up, mom.