Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blah, blah, blah.....

Okay, do you want to read a long, rambley post about whatever comes to my mind? You DO? Excellent, 'cause that's exactly the kind of post I feel like writing. I can't believe it's Sunday already. Now that I work on the weekends, it seems like the weekends go by so fast. Let's see....what's been going on with me and the family lately?

Me: I am working, working, working. I like working in the deli (although the novelty of it has definitely worn off). The "regular" ladies that work there are so funny. They get so finicky and particular about the funniest little things. I've also been able to try lots of different kinds of meats and cheeses. My new favorite cheese is Munster. It's so mild and creamy....I love it. I also love the pesto parmesan ham. The kids are getting spoiled - I've been bringing home meats and cheeses that are on sale, or 1/2 pound samplings of different things, and they have been gobbling it up. The deli manager is a VERY particular woman - not a big favorite with anyone. But she likes me and so far I have no complaints with her. She IS kind of gruff, and she talks to some of the ladies like they're small children, but she's generally polite to me. She asked me if I wanted to learn to be a cake decorator! I am so excited - I get to go to an all-day class in Louisville and learn the basics.

In my OTHER job (ha, ha), school is winding down. We have been testing (lovely NCLB state assessments) and that wreaks havoc on the schedule. I got the good news that I will have my very first ever student teacher in the fall! I am really excited AND I get paid extra to do it.

Steven is here this weekend. He has been wonderful and (somewhat)patient. He took me and Aaron out to see "Star Trek" last night. We had a great time and the movie was really good. He helped me out tremendously by cutting coupons and scanning the sales circulars today. I got over $200 worth of groceries at Kroger for $150, thanks to sales, coupons, and my lovely Kroger employee discount. And he went with me to Daniel's soccer game, and then helped me get my walking in tonight by forcing me around the block 4 times. I love having him here.

Joseph: Boy, is he feeling the walls close in. He misses his freedom and his privacy. But it is good to have him home, and he's been very kind to his siblings. You can tell he missed them. He's working at Starbucks again, staying up late and sleeping in while we're all off at school.

Rachael: At last all the plays are over! We went to see her play "Thoroughly Modern Millie" Thursday night. She was really adorable. She still can't seem to land a job - say a prayer.

Daniel: Track is finished. Soccer is over. He is about to graduate from 8th grade, so he's on top of the world right now. Lots of fun stuff going on.

Aaron: Both soccer teams are winding down. Not doing so well socially in school. He and I are talking about him going to a different school next year. Just talking, at this point. I think we are going to tour the local public school on Wednesday as well as a different Catholic school, just to get an idea of his options.

That's about it for now. Sorry so rambley, but don't say I didn't warn you. Sorry I haven't been around as much as I used to be - I just don't have as much free time as I used to. But school will be out soon, so that should help a little.

Have a great week.



Blondefabulous said...

I learned cake decorating when I was younger because I was appalled that the local grocer charged $30 for a small birthday cake! It was one of the best things I had ever done. Now I can make wedding cakes. Enjoy the class.

Tookie Tail said...

It was good to see you again. I've been negligent with blogging as well. I guess my mind is out for the summer already. hehe You sound like your life is totally full but fulfilling. True? It's good to stay busy. Makes you feel so accomplished. Keep up the great work! Be sure to find some down time too! :)

Brother Dave said...

Re: "…as well as a different Catholic school…"

One might think that all Catholic schools would be quite similar. Not so.

Our granddaughters have been in a school since moving to Hesperia, and the difference is night to day.

The teachers seem better, and the kids are all-around nicer to one another.

And the girl's acdemic standing has improved.

Jay said...

I bet cake decorating is going to be fun. Do you guys make paninis at that deli. I really think a panini would be good for lunch today. ;-)

Hoosier Girl said...

Blondefabulous - I am really excited about it. The cake decorators at Kr**er make some absolutely beautiful cakes. I can't wait to try!

Tookie - "Full but fulfilling"...that sounds about right. I could do with a little more "down" time, but hopefully as soon as school is out I will have it.

Brother Dave - Most Catholic schools are basically alike. What Aaron needs is a new group of people - I don't care where we find it.

Jay - We don't make paninis. Thanks - now I'm hungry.