Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 on Tuesday

This week's topic is "10 Favorite Cities":

  1. Louisville, Kentucky (where I work and shop)

  2. Chicago, Illinois (World's greatest pizza and awesome museums, and where Steven and I had a fun evening!)

  3. Orlando, Florida (I love Disney World!)

  4. St.Petersburg, Florida (the beach!)

  5. Washington, DC (the Smithsonian - need I say more?)

  6. Belton, Texas (where Steven's parents live, and the first place in Texas I ever visited)

  7. Salt Lake City, Utah (the farthest west I've ever been, and where I met Sushiboy and Superwoman)

  8. Cincinnati, Ohio (really neat place to visit - absolutely beautiful at night)

  9. Muncie, Indiana (where I went to college - home of Ball State University)

  10. my hometown, Indiana (where my family is)

What are YOUR favorite cities?



Sushiboy said...

Chicago, I didn't ever really like Chicago. But every time I've visited there I've have taken I-80/90 through Gary, :P ugh, what a hole Gary is. Maybe I just need to fly in, or come in from the West, then maybe I'd like it better. But I do want to visit Wrigley Field (it can't stand forever) and I need to take Superwoman for some authentic deep dish pizza, I'm sure she would love it.

I've been to Muncie once. Didn't David Letter man go to Ball State?

(Woot SLC!)

Superwoman said...

Seattle, Wa- so fun and beautiful
Logan, Ut- where sushi and I met and married
Salt Lake City, Ut- we spend a lot of time there over the holidays, there are great concerts, beautiful lights, such a beautiful, clean city
Rexburg, Id- where I went to college

hum, drawing a blank after that. I'll have to think more on that.

Tense Teacher said...

Both Knoxville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I want to live in the Smokies someday.

Sayre said...

Crouch End (a small part of London)
Llanbedr, Wales (grandma's place)
Washington, DC
Santa Fe, NM
Sedona, AZ
Monticello, UT
Lawton, OK
Roswell, NM
Lindville, NC
Tallahassee, FL (because people I love live here)

Sushiboy said...

Monticello? I haven't been out there forever. But its about as close to Canyonlands National part as you can get.

Brother Dave said...

San Francisco — The City — is among my favorites. It is not just Wisherman's Wharf and the Japanese Tea Garden that makes it great.

San Francisco is truly the city that doesn't sleep. I have crossed the bay on the Golden Gate Bridge. Once with my Dad, and another time with e.craig.

Muir Woods is also a nearby place to enjoy. And standing on the bay shore and looking out to Alcatraz is interesting.

And a nice community up that way is Carmel By The Sea. That is where e.craig and I drove off the beaten path and checked out some of the very nice homes.

Nearer to us in San Diego, and the "Old San Diego Tour Bus" is fun. There are several stops on the tour where one can disembark and shop, or whatever. The buses come by hourly when you are ready to continue the tour. Just show your ticket.

Just Dave said...

I'll go along with San Francisco. Great views and great food. I just got back from Old Alexandria, VA and I like it a lot also. I like the hustle and bustle of New York and London. These two cities are really very much alike. Nashville is a fun town. San Antonio, Texas is laid back and beautiful.

Fleur de Lisa said...

I love Chicago, but not in the winter!

Sayre said...

Sushi Boy - Canyonlands is so beautiful! I think it rivals the Grand Canyon.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Favorite city? That's a tuffy. I've been in many cities in the USA. New York, Boston, Chicago Providence, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, DC, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Key West, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, LA .. to name a few. I like the west coast towns the best. Just don't have one favorite.

Hoosier Girl said...

Sushi - Yes, David Letterman went to Ball State. And Muncie is the home of Jim Davis, the creator of "Garfield".

Superwoman - You need to plan a visit to Indiana.

Sayre - I have always wanted to go to Arizona. Maybe this summer. Where is Indiana on your list?

Tense - I LOVE Tennessee, especially Gatlinburg!

Brother Dave - Even though I totally dislike all things California (except you. of course), I have always wanted to see San Fransisco. And no Ohio on your list?

Just Dave - I have always wanted to see San Antonio's Riverwalk! And Steven has promised me that someday we will see New York City! No Indianapolis on your list?

Lisa - I don't think anyone likes Chicago in the winter. No Indianapolis on your list? (ha, ha)

E.Craig - Wow, you've been everywhere, man. Is Dayton #1?