Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Fluff

This week's Friday Fill-ins didn't do anything for me, so I decided to go with a couple of quizzes instead. This week my kids are on spring break, so I took yesterday and today off to hang out with them. We didn't do much yesterday, but the weather was nice. Aaron had his first soccer practice so we spent some time at the park. Today we're headed to see the new kids' movie "Monsters VS. Aliens" in 3-D! Next week, I'M off and they're back in school.

First up: "What Part of Spring are You?"


You Are Chirping Birds

You are a very caring person. You especially feel for innocent beings, like animals and children.

You are keyed in to the world and very peaceful. You believe that everyone is connected.

You remain focused and in the moment. You are not easily distracted.

You have a good memory, especially for things that you hear. You listen carefully.

Second, "Are You Mind, Body or Spirit?"


You Are Spirit

You are resilient, hopeful, and inspiring. You have a lot of emotional, physical, and mental energy.

You nurture and nourish yourself. You know that you need fulfillment and downtime if you want to be your best.

You stay present in every moment. You don't allow yourself to be distracted or flustered.

You appreciate the life you have been given. You embrace all that is beautiful in the world.

I hope you will all have a great weekend. Steven is in Texas all week, so I'm on my own with the kids.


Sayre said...

Z's Spring break started this afternoon. We celebrated by getting a gerbil. Not sure what we're gonna do with the rest of spring break.

Superwoman said...

I was
You are blooming flowers

You are an optimistic person by nature. In even the darkest times, you are hopeful about the future.
You feel truly blessed in life and can sometimes be overwhelmed with emotions.

You have an artist's eye. You are always looking for beauty in the mundane.
You have a good sense of aesthetics, especially when it comes to shapes and color.

and Spirit, hope you have a great spring break!

Just Dave said...

Wow. I am the "Skinny Dipping with Strange Women" part of Spring. Who knew?