Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 on Tuesday - Winter!

I couldn't resist this week's topic:

10 Things You Won't Miss About Winter!

1. ice
2. white stuff on my car
3. cold, biting wind
4. having to wear three layers to work so that I won't be too cold outside and too warm inside.
5. runny noses on every kid in my building.
6. bulky winter coat
7. dull winter clothes
8. needing to keep boots and long underwear at school to use at the end of the day for loading kids into cars.
9. gray skies
10. no recess

What won't YOU miss?



Sushiboy said...

Everything you listed especially number 8. 18 degrees when I left for work (waiting for bus) 70 degrees in building. Ugh . At least I thought ahead and had a presentable shirt under my sweater. But I can't do much about the long underwear on my bottom, been roasting all day.

Jay said...

Luckily we don't have long winters around here. I love snow, but if it stuck around for a long period of time it would probably get really old, really fast.

Superwoman said...

I won't miss the ridiculously high gas bills. We need a new furnace really bad, our Jan bill was 212.00 and our feb bill was 170.00. We even keep the heat in the house around 65-68 or so degrees. Like I said, a new furnace is definitely in order, we just don't have the thousands of dollars needed for one.

Blondefabulous said...

Hmmmmm..... the 70 degree weather? The beach? The oak trees pollinating EVERYTHING? The gentle sea breezes? Oh wait... I live in Florida..... I forgot.

metalmom said...

I sure as hell won't miss the dirty carpets from the mud caked work boots. I also won't miss the rock salt crystals that are EVERYWHERE regardless of how much I vacuum!!

Just Dave said...

Stupid ski tourists who try to drive 70 mph on ice in their rented SUVs.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sushi - Did I really need to know that you had toasty buns at work? Did I?

Superwoman - My last gas bill was $250 - old house, lots of cracks and drafts.

Blondefab - (sticking my tongue out at you) NO ONE WHO LIVES IN INDIANA LIKES YOU RIGHT NOW. Really.

Metalmom - Want to drive to Florida with me to beat up Blondefabulous? She's being so mean!

JustDave - Written like someone who lives in a ski-tourist state. I promise I will NEVER drive a rented SUV on ice in Colorado. AND, I can't ski. So we're good here.


metalmom said...