Saturday, February 07, 2009


Okay. Jan (aka "Tookie") has challenged me to list 10 honest things. About me. (gulp)

1. Honestly, I don't like teenagers. I mean, I like MY teenagers. And some of their friends. But as a group - nope.

2. I have a terrible memory. I'm pretty good at covering it up, but I can't remember names very well or numbers. It's sad, really.

3. I like it when the kitten sleeps on my bed.

4. I wanted Aaron to be a girl. I mean, I love him as he is. But when I found out I was pregnant, already having 2 boys and only one girl, I REALLY wanted another girl. Luckily, I had to have an ultrasound and found out he was a boy, so by the time he arrived, we were all okay with another boy.

5. I'm addicted to McDonald's sweet tea. I minimize the sugary effect by getting it "half and half" (half sweet, half unsweet), but I have at least one every day.

6. I am also addicted to shopping at Amazon. I love buying the latest children's books, CSI Miami on DVD for Steven, and "Numb3rs" or "NCIS" on DVD for me.

7. I'm terrible with money. I mean, I get by. My bills get paid. But mostly I'm NOT a financial genius.

8. I feel lost without my iPhone. I don't like going anywhere without it. And I love checking my e-mail on it.

9. Honestly, I don't think I was as good a wife as I could have been the first time I was married. I still don't think that justifies my ex for doing and saying all the horrible things he did and said to me AND the kids, but looking back, I can see how some of the unhappiness was my fault. It took me several years after the divorce to even acknowledge that.

10. I love eating brownie mix uncooked. Always have, always will.

BONUS: I honestly and truly love my kids, my job, my house, my life, and especially the man I love. He's a keeper! (big smile)

I tag: Trukindog, Superwoman, Blondefabulous, Metalmom, Sayre, and AmyD.


Anonymous said...

I got the goods on ya now sweetie!
Cut + paste, cut + paste.

Uhoh. I just realized "I" made the list.

Delete, delete, delete, delete. I was not here.

wink ;)

Tookie Tail said...

Great List!! I think you did good. I had to laugh about not liking teenagers. LOL

Jay said...

I have to agree with #1. I'm sure your teenagers are okay, but almost all the rest of them annoy the crap outta me. ;-)

Superwoman said...

I'm done!

Trukindog said...

jGrrl already tagged me for this one and I'm still workin on it. :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Anonymous - I ain't skeered of you. If you spill the beans on me, I'll spill 'em right back on YOU. I know things.....(wink).

Tookie - Well, it's something you tend to kind of downplay when THREE of your kids actually ARE teenagers.

Jay - Even my own kids "annoy the crap" out of me from time to time. But for the most part they're tolerable.

Superwoman - Already read it. Great answers.

T-dog - Well, then get BUSY, ya goof!


trkndude299 said...

OK. Brace yourself.

I'm spillin sum beans on ya soone!

Maybe now - maybe later!

Member, I got skillz.
(at least I've got me convinced I have something.)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Trkndude - Go for it, big fella.
BTW, I like you skillz! (wink)


Just Dave said...

RE: #9. The blame for break-ups rarely rest with one person. By acknowledging that, you gain your freedom and learn from your errors. Congratulations.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Good post. I like your walking frog.

Sayre said...

I did it! Come on over and see!