Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Okay.....I don't expect this post to make any sense, because I am not going to attempt to keep my thoughts in any kind of logical order.

1. ATTENTION: MCDONALDS - PLEASE GIVE ME A STRAW! If I go through a drive-thru one more time and they forget to put a straw in my bag or hand me one with my drink, I may just go "postal" on some innocent idiot at the window. Just give. me. a. STRAW! I don't think it's too much to ask. Drink = straw to go with it. Thank you.

2. I am now on Facebook, but it is a lot of work to keep up with. Apparently a bunch of my friends can get to Facebook during the work day. I can not, because anything and everything fun on the Internet is blocked, to save the kiddies from temptation and to keep the teachers off Facebook during...oh....say.....instructional time. Yeah. So I finally get a chance to check e-mail and blogs and twitter and Facebook sometime after dinner and I have 16 notifications, including a couple of Lil' pumpkins and some plants for my Green Patch and an animated gift or two, and a couple of hatching eggs. Don't get me wrong: I love presents, even silly virtual ones, but it took me 20 minutes tonight to open all my "gifts" and reciprocate. It's okay, though. It's just for fun!

3. I am still fighting a head cold. It gets better, then it gets worse. The worst part is being tired all the time. Which is why I'm going to bed shortly.

4. Our French boy is adorable. He fits in with Daniel and Aaron perfectly. They had a "glow in the dark" silly string fight tonight. And we carved pumpkins. But I did have to kind of "make" him take a shower. He is only 12, and kind of a lovable nut. We took him to the Asian Buffet for dinner tonight and he took a million pictures. I don't think he has ever had Chinese food!

5. My dryer is broken. If you can imagine how much laundry I do in a week, then you can imagine how awful it is to have a broken dryer.

6. Sarah Palin is speaking in a neighboring town tonight. I didn't know about it until it was too late, but I would have loved to have gone and heard her.

7. Steven was in Texas but now he's headed for Utah. Hopefully he will be headed back this way soon. The 1 year anniversary of our first official date is November 3. I want to kiss him on that day! (smile)

Okay, I'm sure I will think of 10 other things I wanted to say later, but I HAVE to go to bed!

Hopefully you are all having a great week!



Brother Dave said...

Re: "Drink = straw to go with it."

It may hold up the line for an additional 15 seconds, but we check our order when the sacks are handed to us. We have been shorted a sandwich (easy to miss when several have been ordered), and straws, napkins, and condiments in the past.

Once, the server asked Shirley what kind of sauce she wanted with her chicken nuggets. When Shirley got home, no sauce at all. Maybe had it been the wrong sauce we could have been a little understanding.

Re: "I did have to kind of "make" him take a shower."

I think that many Europeans are not put off by natural body odor. Well, that little guy is learning the ways of our culture.

Re: " My dryer is broken."

No matter how little or much we do laundry, the dryer is a wonderful luxury. And with your high number of weekly laundry loads, I hope you get a repair or replacement soon.

Sayre said...

I wish you lived closer - I actually have a SPARE DRYER at the moment! The one that came with the house (which works fine) and one my boss gave me, which is newer and just needs a power cord. I would definitely give you one!

As to Facebook, I could waste my life over there, so I limit myself to half an hour before bed. Some days I don't get around to reciprocating everything, but that's okay - it'll still be there tomorrow!

Tookie Tail said...

Lordy, have mercy, girl! Another kiddo in the household? How do you do it all? LOL

I'm gonna email you about Facebook. I'll see ya there. I'm SuthnDarln. :)

e.Craig Crawford said...

RE: "I don't expect this post to make any sense, because I am not going to attempt to keep my thoughts in any kind of logical order."

Spoken like a true female. ;-)

And .. in honor of the time-worn "There you go" comment that seems to have replaced "Thank you" .. I have developed my "There You Don't Go" list.

It names the fast food restaurants where crappy service became the last straw. (speaking of straws) They are the ones I no longer go to.

Jay said...

I'm a terrible Facebooker. I have like 78 requests to do something or that I haven't done or whatever I'm supposed to do with them. It's an enormous time suck. But, it's pretty cool though.

Tookie Tail said...

You've been tagged with the Kreative Blogger Award! :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - The straw thing REALLY bugs me. As you can guess. As for the shower, I didn't have to make him because he smelled...just because he hadn't had one since he arrived and I kinda thought he should. I DO need a dryer. Soon.

Sayre - I have told Steven to get a load to Florida so he can pick it up from you! Thanks for the offer!

Tookie - You'll have to email me. I couldn't find you. I'll be over to your blog to see!! Yay!

E.Craig - I'm going to ignore the "spoken like a true female" comment. Because that's the kind of outstanding individual I am! (wink)

And I kinda get obnoxious about the straw thing. It really ticks me off!

Jay - It's fun to play with, but it DOES suck up a lot of time if you're not careful. I am having to watch the time when I get on it!


yorksdevil said...

On the bright side, if you'd gone to hear Sarah Palin it might have sent you postal next time someone said "maverick".

Anonymous said...

I hope Sarah Palin is our next Prez.

(It seems others here have echoed my thoughts!
Time, time, time, time, time,)