Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday (finally) and Good News!

What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given? My iPhone. It's a phone AND a mini-computer AND a camera AND a calculator AND Mapquest. I love it.

Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far. Once, I was arrested. That was terrifying. I was also terrified when I realized that my ex-husband really wasn't bluffing, he really was going through with the divorce. I was so afraid of being on my own, and raising the kids by myself.

One hot summer afternoon, while walking through a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. What would you do? I would call the police.

Weight Watchers Update: I lost 4 pounds in my first week, which is pretty good. I was hoping for 5, but I started my period on Saturday, so that probably added some water weight to my total. I am going to be very good this week so I can have a big payoff again next week.

Steven was here this weekend (which was fantastic!) and he took me shopping for low-cal snacks to keep at work. He also took me out to Applebee's to celebrate my loss - they have several W.W. choices there.

Hope everyone had a terrific Monday!


Brother Dave said...

One liter of water weighs 1000 grams. Conversion to the US Avoirdupois system means 2.2 lbs.

So you did excellently on your first WW week.

Faiqa said...

YOU LOST FOUR POUNDS IN A WEEK?! It took me a month. I think it's because I live below sea level. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Kim Ayres said...

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to comment on my Losing a Hundredweight blog, and to wish you every success on your journey :)

Sayre said...

Four pounds is fantastic! Hmmm... maybe I should try Weight Watchers! Which program are you doing? I'm so glad Steven is being supportive.

And about your second MM, you seem to have done just fine without him. From what I can see, your kids are turning out beautifully.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - I can't wait for next week. I am going to be soooo good this week!

Faiqa - You have to realize...I need to lose, ideally, 50 pounds. So I have a LONG way to go. My body is in shock. After a week or two, it will slow down to a pound or two a week.

Kim - You're welcome. Any friend of Sayre's is a friend of mine.

Sayre - Thanks. I am doing the Flex points plan. Really though, it's just me paying attention to what I'm eating. I can't believe how many calories I was probably consuming before!

And thanks for the compliment on the kids. Yeah....they're turning out okay. So far. (fingers crossed) Hee, hee.


lady jaye said...

Congrats hon! That's really great. I need to lose some weight too. I'm actually going to blog about that soon. I've decided I don't like the way I look and I've got to start kicking my ass to look better.

Crys said...

congrats on the weight loss! 4 pounds is like, AWESOME

HoosierGirl5 said...

Lady Jaye - Thanks! But I think you look just fine. No way you need to lose as much as I do.

Crys - Thanks. I'm hoping for more next week. I want this sh-t off!


Fleur de Lisa said...

I really should have gotten the iPhone instead of my BlackJack!

Congrats on the WW!