Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fill-ins and Weight Watchers

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it's already the end of September? I can't. Here is a picture of me (taken in the faculty women's bathroom at school because it has the really big mirror) to illustrate the fact that I have gained weight. Almost 30 pounds since last year at this time. Ugh. Sooooooo....last Sunday I joined Weight Watchers. I really, really, REALLY want to lose weight. I have been religious about it this week and have managed to walk almost every night. Wednesday night I walked all the way to Thorton's Food Mart and back, which is 1.6 miles round trip. I will weigh again on Sunday afternoon, so I will let you know my progress. I am counting on all of you to hold me accountable! (just don't be mean)


1. Pumpkins, Harvest Homecoming, Rachael's birthday, and hosting another French exchange student are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.

2. Sometimes I underestimate myself.

3. I usually say, "I neverwin anything!", but last Friday I did! and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"!

4. When I'm down, my voice always gives me away.

5. In my car is where you'll find me most often.

6. A rainy day is good for sleeping late, reading books, and snuggling.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hanging out with Aaron, tomorrow my plans include soccer, football, and STEVEN! and Sunday, I want to spend MORE time with Steven!

Have a good weekend, everyone!



Denise said...

We share #5!

Happy Friday! Come on by when you have a minute!


Smilingsal said...

I chose reading for #6 too! Come see my fill-ins. Happy Friday Fill-ins!

Michelle said...

I love reading on rainy days. Looks like I'll be getting a good book out today!

Oh, yay! I always love it when I win things, which is hardly ever! But it is so much fun when you do!

Dr. Purl said...

Wow, looks like you have a busy weekend!

sara said...

We share #4 and #5. My voice always gives me away too! I also used to live in IN! I miss it a lot!

Janet said...

I joined WW on September 2nd and have lost 5 lbs so far...59 to go! Wish me luck :-)

Thanks for playing!

Superwoman said...

Good luck, I plan on losing about 30 lbs come Dec 2nd! Of course, after that I have the dreaded other pounds to lose that arent so easy!

Bellezza said...

My voice gives me away, too. And, the expression on my face. I'm impressed with your determination: you can do it! (The WW Thing.)

Faiqa said...

Awesome! I joined WW at the end of August and have been very relaxed about it. yet I still lost 7lbs! Twenty three to go... I'll keep you accountable if you keep me accountable. :) BTW, I gave you an award on my blog.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Denise - As the mother of 4 kids, I am ALWAYS in the car! I will stop by.

SmilingSal - Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle - I love rainy days. If we ever get any rain!

Dr.Purl - I always have a busy weekend.

Sara - We have a lot in common! Thank you for coming by.

Janet - Congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up! We can encourage each other.

Superwoman - I hope you lose 30 when that baby comes out. You are going to name him/her after me, right?

Bellezza - I am tired of being overweight. I WILL lose weight, slowly or quickly.

Faiqua - You got a deal! I can't wait to see my award! Thank you!!


Brother Dave said...

Thirty pounds should be achievable. Please remember, you didn't gain it in a month. Expect to lose it slowly too. Just keep up keepin' up. You will succeed.

e.Craig Crawford said...

It's good to have a support group. I know what it's like to be 35 lbs overweight, so I know you can conquer the 30.

I'm fortunate that I can get away with using only my mirror as a support group. And if Weight Watchers does the job for you .. that's the program to be on.

I'll try to help keep your feet to the fire.

Just Dave said...

I'm in the other weight watchers - I watch myself as I gain weight.

Sayre said...

I have a few people in my blogosphere that are also trying to lose weight. We visit and cheer each other on every few days. On my blogroll, visit 55kgs, Pandora Woman, Losing a Hundred Weight, Half-Man. Finding My Inner, Thinner Self is my own weightloss blog. Feel free to visit anytime! We're doing a Halloween Challenge - very informal if you care to jump in...

sho said...

press on with the fight agst fab!

Laane said...

And...did you manage to get a bit off?

My manic monday answers are ::here::.

Have a great week!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - It took me a year to gain it, but I hope it doesn't take me a year to get it off. Thanks for the encouragement.

E.Craig - It's hard for me to admit I'm up that much, but I AM very determined to take it off. Thanks for being part of my online support group!

Just Dave - Har, har. When are you coming back to Indiana?

Sayre - I can't believe I forgot all about your other blog. I will join your Halloween challenge. Thanks!

Sho - I will.

Laane - 4 pounds this week. I will check out your Manic Monday.


Poppy said...

Good luck, J, we all know you can do it!! And congrats on the 4 lbs you posted that you lost!!!!