Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Different Kind of 9

Usually on Saturdays I do the "Saturday 9" , but today I'm doing my own 9. ( Another picture from the trip at right)

9 random thoughts:

1. I am tired of not getting a straw with my drinks at McDonald's or whatever fast food place. I am going to buy a whole box of straws just to keep at the house.

2. I just ate a whole tray of California roll sushi for lunch.

3. I am very unhappy with my oldest son. He said something very insulting to me.

4. I wanted to call Steven and cry on his shoulder, but he is visiting with his mom, dad and sister before he hits the road for North Dakota. It seemed kind of babyish on my part to send him a text message asking him to call me just so I could cry over my child being totally horrible and self-centered. So now I just have to wait until he calls me.

5. I have 3 newspapers to read. I think I am addicted to news media.

6. Wall-E was really good. It was cute, funny, and fast-paced. Aaron and I had fun.

7. The state of Indiana has switched from issuing child support checks to the new "Indiana Visa debit" card. So, I got my card in the mail, I called the 800 number and chose a PIN, and signed up for getting a phone call when a deposit is made to my account. Then, today I went to Kroger and spend $80 of it. I understand why they're doing it, but it still feels weird. A Visa child support card? Just doesn't seem normal.

8. I have a ton of mosquito bites on my upper right leg. How they got there I will never know, but they're driving me crazy.

9. I have a lot of housework but I don't want to do any of it.

That's it. That's my "9" for today.

Have a great Saturday.



Brother Dave said...

Joseph is at "that age."

My Mom always said, "When they are little they step on your toes, and when the grow older they step on your heart."

HoosierGirl5 said...

"At that age" is an understatement. Hours later, I am still grouchy.


Sushiboy said...

MMM sushi, I'm drooling.

I hope Joseph soon realizes how lucky he is to have a mom that loves him no matter what.

Sayre said...

Perhaps he feels like if you guys are mad at each other, separating won't be so difficult when the time comes. Of course, he won't be able to articulate this for a few decades to come. Just hang in there and know that deep down, he loves and appreciates you even if he can't actually express it right now.

Jay said...

They still print newspapers? Who knew? ;-)

Just Dave said...

I always eat way too much sushi and sashimi when I indulge myself. Oh, well, at least it's good for you.

The Visa thing is a total ripoff. I bet that you have to pay a fee to get cash, right? They are doing that here on welfare payments and Chase Bank is making a fortune on it.

Tell Joseph to pay for his own college and see how friendly he becomes.

Shen-Shen said...

They don't give out straws anymore?!

I've said terrible things to my mother before, and those are things I defnitely regret, because no matter how mad I was at her at the time, those kind of things are just unnecessary. I think he'll come around eventually, yes? Especially if you're hurt about it, it always makes me apologize when I know that I hurt my mom :|

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sushiboy - I think deep down he does, but his "I gotta get away" behavior as of late doesn't show it.

Sayre - So what you're saying is that he's going to be a horse's behind for the next two months, just to ease the pain of separation? Hmph.

Just Dave - With the child support VISA, I DO have the option of having it directly deposited to my checking or savings account. I just haven't done it. ANd I get one FREE cash withdrawl a month, and they do rollover if I don't use them. So technically, I could go to an ATM and take it all out right after they put it in. And if Joseph doesn't shape up soon, he WILL be on his own real quick. I've about had it.

Shen-shen - They're supposed to give straws, it just seems like half the time they forget. At least you apologize to your mom. Joseph has not apologized.

Jay - I love my daily paper, and when I was on the road with Steven I became addicted to my daily USA Today. Don't you read the paper?


e.Craig Crawford said...

I read Brother Dave's comment, and I want you to know that I was the perfect angel .. and as for Brother Dave .. well, you know. Mirror twins.

Ohio is doing the same thing with the child support debit cards. I guess this saves the state tons of money. Which is good because people are buying less gas, and the states are collecting less taxes.

As for your mosquito bites .. those wee creatures are female mosquitos. The males are much better behaved.