Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watch Out! She's Got a Gun!

Hey, howdy, hey all you guys and gals. It's Hoosier Girl here, from the very heart of HoosierLand: Indiana University. I am here today and tomorrow in Bloomington, Indiana, with Joseph for Freshman Orientation. So, as tired as I am, rather than try to write a coherent post, I thought I would fire off a few bullets:

** It has been an amazing day. Believe it or not, I have never been on this campus before and it is beautiful. It is truly a major university. I have walked myself silly, but the weather has been gorgeous.

** I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night, and almost fell asleep in the advising session this afternoon for "exploratory" majors. I mean, REALLY asleep.

** I was checking my e-mail on my iPhone and walking and fell off a curb. Major embarrassment AND banged up knee. Luckily, no damage to the iPhone.

** Joseph is handling all the "new" very well. It is a little overwhelming. Of course they scared the shit out of me when they reminded us in the "Parents Only" session that our kids could do whatever they pleased: go to class or not go to class, do their homework or not, stay out all night, drink, do drugs....very reassuring.

** They DO seem to really know what to do with freshman. They have it all planned out - from exploratory majors, advisors, housing, and meal plans.

** No wireless in the rooms at the hotel here on campus. Had to come down to the very luxiourous hotel lobby/commons area to use the wireless.

** I have a hotel room all to myself. I wish Steven was here.

** Daniel and Aaron leave on Sunday for 2 weeks with their dad. As soon as he can get here, I am going on the road with Steven and leaving my car with the teenagers.

** That's all for now. Going up to my room to watch a movie and veg. Tired.



Jay said...

I guess I totally got confused cause I really thought he was going to Ball State instead of IU. But, that's okay. I got no problems with IU. ;-)

trkndude299 said...
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Shen-Shen said...

It's difficult not to fall asleep during those college information sessions..

Just Dave said...

Very good school. I remember seeing the campus when the movie "Breaking Away" was filmed there. College is definitely a test of self-discipline. It is up to the student to do the work since parents are no longer called in for conferences, etc. I'm sure Joseph will do fine.

Lady Jaye said...

I think it's good that the parent's only information session is so honest. I think that would have saved my parents a lot of grief with both me and my brother. That being said I'm sure you're son will be just fine.

Jeff said...

My Alma Mater! IU is beautiful. Joseph does need to make good decisions because bad ones are in your face all the time. But, like my mom told me when I left for IU, "if you don't know by now right from wrong, it is time to learn the hard way." I guess it stuck because I STILL have never been intoxicated by alcohol or any other controled substance. Good luck. ;)

Sushiboy said...

I've been to Bloomington. The IU campus is a nice one. I was in terra haute for a few months which was close by. That is a nice part of Indiana.

RWA said...

I'm sure he will be just fine. They probably give that "they can do whatever they want" speech so you won't sue them if something does happen.

heather said...

speaking as one who went and made more than her fair share of wrong decisions.
- talk to him often. by phone, e-mail and snail mail.
- insist on knowing his grades.
- if at all possible, stop in unannounced once or twice a semester.

once the first year is under his belt he should be fine on his own.
(but of course you'll still talk often.)