Sunday, June 29, 2008

Super Sunday

Greetings from Pueblo, Colorado. The winds of trucking have shifted once again, and we are now picking up a load tomorrow morning headed to Brewster, Minnesota. We left Salt Lake City without a load, heading south, and did some sightseeing, ending up in Cortez, Colorado. We had breakfast at a casino on the edge of the Ute Nation Indian reservation and I had genuine Indian fry bread with honey! That was when Steven secured the load for Monday, but he was kind enough to drive the 15 extra miles into New Mexico, just so I could add another state to my list of "New States Visited". We will head across Colorado, go through either Nebraska or Kansas, depending on the route chosen, and end up in Minnesota (another state I've never been to!) by Tuesday. Hopefully, we will get one more load before the holiday weekend. I was kind of hoping we would get a load to Texas so we can see Steven's parents before I have to be returned home next Sunday.

I have checked in with the kids every day. The teenagers are doing well "on their own", being responsible with the car. Grandma and Grandpa took them out to dinner one night and been checking in on them. Daniel and Aaron seem to be having a good time with their dad, although he is letting them stay up way too late and apparently let Aaron watch "Family Guy", which is a big no-no in my house. No "adult content" cartoons are to be watched by anyone. And all you guys, don't start giving me grief about this. I'm sure those shows are fine for adults, but not for MY kids. End of discussion.

I am having a great time with Steven. Over a week on the road together and only one minor fight. As much as I love him, after some deep discussions, I'm not sure where our future lies. There are some major obstacles to overcome. But the trip has been great fun. Amazing sights and scenery. I do miss the kids, but not badly enough to cut my trip short!! (ha, ha)

My birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I will be 44. I will have a special post on Tuesday looking back on the last 44 years, primarily on the last 10.

I'm feeling very introspective today, about life, love, travel, and kids. Maybe it's the upcoming birthday....who knows?

Hope you all are having a restful Sunday.


Yorksdevil said...

What a trip this is turning out to be.

Family Guy is definitely not family viewing.

Brother Dave said...

Females are supposedly more Introspective than males. Being in a "developing" relationship as an adult should certainly bring significant challenges.

Look into elements of "transactional analysis" to help you understand the "healthy" roles that two individuals should take in a balanced relationship.

You can, at least, compare where you and Steven are in this.

Sayre said...

It doesn't sound like you'll be coming through FLA before you return to your house (boo hoo). However, things can change - or happen later.

I tend to get philosophical around my birthday too. I think it's because I recognize where I am in my life. I am (hopefully) at the halfway point. There is probably just as much ahead as behind if I live to 92, possibly less. It makes you appreciate where you've been and how you became the person you are.

And Family Guy is a big hit with my brothers, but ZBoy is just too young for that kind of thing!

heather said...

hey, you're where my dad was born and (as far as i know) his sisters still live. take pictures, i've never been there. :-)

missing the kids can be easily resolved the next time you take a trip. just make a video of them arguing or otherwise misbehaving.

and i'm with you on family guy, it's a big no no in my house too. animated or not, it is ~not~ for kids, no simpson's at my house either.

just think of 44 as the 4th time you've been 11 :-)

Shen-Shen said...

But... Family Guy is just so funny!

You road trip sounds like it's so much fun! I plan on driving through all 48 states on the continental US some time :D

I feel introspective most days.. Which I kinda like. It makes for knowing yourself well!

Happy early birthday :D

Jay said...

Okay, I find Family Guy to be pretty hilarious. Well, the older seasons are. Recently the show isn't nearly as good. But, it's definitely not a show for kids. I know Aaron probably doesn't get a lot of the jokes, but still, there's no reason for him to even be exposed to them.

I hope your taking lots and lots of pictures on this trip! And when you get home you can open a Flickr account and post them all for us there!

e.Craig Crawford said...

Enjoy your venture. I'll bet you're getting some great pictures.

Superwoman said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up next sunday the 6th. I'll be babysitting my teenage sisters for a week. I bet your jealous as can be!

captain corky said...

I love being out on the road. Gives me lots of time to think about stuff and put things in perspective. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Just Dave said...

Well, you went 100 miles north of me going west and now 100 miles south of me going east. I'm getting a complex-lol.

It is very pretty around Cortez, ?Too bad you couldn't see Mesa Verde National Park. The cliff dwellings there are pretty amazing. Have a great rest of your trip.

Finn said...

Sounds like a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures.

HoosierGirl5 said...

York - I can't believe how much I've seen. Leave me your blog address...the one I have in my favorites is an old one.

Brother Dave - You are so right. Being in a developing adult relationship is sometimes difficult. I don't want to say too much. Let's just say there are some hurdles. Are we too old to jump them?

Sayre - You never know. After we unload in Minnesota, we could go anywhere. But, hey, the kids and I could still roadtrip to see you!

Heather - You are so right on the video of misbehaving. I don't miss THAT! As far as I'm concerned, 44 is just too far over 40. But there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm just gonna go with the flow.

Shen-shen - YOU are old enough to watch "Family Guy". I won't let the teenagers watch it because they have an 8 yr. old brother. And, I will admit, it's a personal bias: my ex-husband loved those shows and I thought they were stupid. So - my house, my rules. And thank you for the early birthday wishes.

Jay - Yes, I am taking tons of pictures. Thanks for the idea of the Flickr account. I will work on that.

E.Craig - I AM enjoying it so far. So many things I've never seen before.

Superwoman - I just knew we had a connection when we met. I will make sure to send you birthday greetings on the 8th. Be careful of the crazy boyfriend! Ha, ha.

Corky - You ARE alive! I was beginning to wonder about you. Yes, I've had lots of time on the road to think.

Just Dave - Well, we're headed right through Denver later today. Do I hear a dinner invitation? ;-) We went right through the Rocky Mountains Saturday! It was awesome!

Finn - I am working on uploading the pictures today.


Just Dave said...
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