Friday, June 06, 2008

Saturday Nine

Hey everybody, it's almost Saturday. My cold is better, but I'm still tired. And coughing. But better.

Saturday 9: Sharing Your Blog Habit

1. How long have you been blogging? Believe it or not, almost exactly 2 years.

2. How did you start? My boyfriend at the time had a blog. I liked "guest posting" on his blog, so I decided to make one of my own.

3. How often do you post on your blog? Almost every day.

4. Have you made good blogging friends? Yes, I have. I would love to meet several of you. And there are some of you that I e-mail regularly and trust with my most personal problems. I love you guys!!

5. Have you talked to someone on the phone you met through blogging? Yes. I've talked to Jay (Cynical Bastard) and Brother Dave on the phone. And I've talked to RWA, E.Craig, and Coffeypot on BlogTalk Radio when RWA had a show many, many times! I miss those crazy conversations! I've also talked to Avitable, Mr. Fab, Turnbaby, Hilly, and Miss Britt on Hilly's BlogTalk Radio show, but only briefly. But it was fun!

6. Have you met anyone from your blogging? Believe it or not, only one. But I really hope to meet Sayre someday when I'm on the road with Steven sometime. Or Jay or E.Craig or Psychosomatic Wit or JustDave or Avitable or Tense Teacher or Fleur-de-Lisa or Trukindog or.......anybody!!!!

7. Have you had a crush on anyone you have not met? Yeah, I kind of did once., quite awhile ago. And I'm not telling who. But he never returned the hints, so I gave up.

8. Have you had a romance with someone you have met? Not through blogging. But I am currently having a wonderful romance with someone I met via e-mail. (smile)

9. Do you suspect you get comments from someone interested in you? Oh, I know I do. His name is Trkndude299! (super smile!) But no, not really. I guess I have just never attracted any other bloggers.

Have a great weekend, all!


Shannon H. said...

Two years! Awesome! Have a great weekend.

Shen-Shen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

Two years..! I tried blogging before but this is the only time I've stayed with it.

trkndude299 said...

Hey, I'm so not able to contribute much about blogging. Especially since I flamed out on my own blog thingy.
But, I learned a whole lot of new stuff!
I'll skip the 1st 3, #4 - yes. At least I like to think so. If I hadn't tried to blog I never would have met SushiBoy, RWA, Jay, E.Craig, Truckindog, and all the others.
5,6,7, don't apply to me. 8 applies to me, but just once.
9. Hey, I know this Trkndude. I think he is way cool and I know he thinks HG is totally awesome.
I also know he thinks HG is having waaaay to much fun with her new phone.
My weekend will be fine, but I wish you a fantastic weekend and hope you get to feel better soon.
Let me know how you like the Prince Caspian movie.

milet said...

goodluck on the romance. ;)

hope you can visit mine. thanks!

Jodi said...

I've blogged for 2 yrs too. Have a great Saturday!

Jay said...

I think a big blogger party is in order someday.

Brother Dave said...

I opened my bLog on Sunday, August 06, 2006. It will soon be 2 years of posting on my David's Dabbles.

J, I got your bad cold. Hopefully by this time next weekend I shall be back to abnormal.

Jay has a great idea. A Big Blogger Party! We can meet rwa in New Orleans.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Meeting someone through email sounds great. Great answers! Have a good week

HoosierGirl5 said...

Shannon - Yeah, I need to look up the date in my archives. It's June something. Thanks! I will be over to your blog shortly.

Shen-shen - You're still young. You have a lot of good blogging years left! Yes, I am feeling better.

Sexy T-dude - I'm glad you enjoyed your blogging experience, even if you didn't stick with it. You're still welcome to guest-post whenever you want.

I am sure I will have a good weekend, and yes, I am feeling much better. Hopefully if you make it here next week I will be completely well and ready for kissing! (smile)

Milet - Thanks for stopping by. I will visit yours soon.

Jodi - I will HAVE to visit your blog. You have a great name!

Jay - at Jay's apartment!!!

Brother Dave - I am so sorry you don't feel well. Did someone tell RWA we're having a party at his place, AFTER we hit Jay's?

Bud - Thanks for stopping by.


Just Dave said...

#9 - You are kidding, right? Either that or the short term memory is going fast.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Just Dave - How could I forget about our cyber-crush? (wink)