Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 on Tuesday

It's a Tuesday. This has been a really loose week for us. Except for Aaron's daily swimming lesson and the boys' 3 times a week visits to the gym, we don't have anything we HAVE to do. All week. So every day feels like Saturday. Which is great in a way, but also very unguided. I am not always the best at self-motivation. And, for some unknown reason, I have taken a nap every day for the last 4 days. Which is really unnecessary, because most days I'm sleeping until 8. Maybe it's just because I can. Who knows? Anyway, all I accomplished today was getting Aaron to swimming, then taking Daniel and Aaron to the gym, re-opening my checking account and getting some money from my Louisville credit union. But I am going shopping with my mother and my daughter....should be interesting.

Anyway, today's 10 on Tuesday topic is "10 Things that annoy you at work". This is an easy one.

1. My "I'm 50 but I dress like I'm 21" boss.
2. "Clique-y" teachers.
3. Faculty meetings which basically waste my time and serve no real purpose except to make the administration feel better about holding meetings.
4. Parents who don't give a shit.
5. Summer "professional development" (translation: long meetings on stuff we already know)
6. People who hog the microwave in the lunch room.
7. The office staff who sneak out for Subway takeout at lunch and don't offer to get some for the rest of us.
8. Young skinny teachers whose classrooms are perfect, whose clothes and hair are perfect, and who have no concept of "real" life.
9. Paperwork (not the productive kind, the meaningless, repetitive kind)
10. Fire drills on cold days.
11. Mondays.

That's it for this Tuesday.



Jay said...

"1. My "I'm 50 but I dress like I'm 21" boss."

Haha! I've seen a lot of women like that around here. I want to tell them to leave their daughters clothes alone! ;-)

trkndude299 said...

Hey, hehey, hehee,
She said loose.
Loose weeek.
Heh heh, heh.

Yeah, no room for wave hoggers here.

You tell em girl.
Ok, you tell us!

Brother Dave said...

Re: " My ' I'm 50 but I dress like I'm 21 ' boss."

"Hideous appearance" comes to mind. Don't these people have a clue?

Re: "Clique-y" teachers.

Cliques have no place in institutions of education. However, they easily exist most everywhere.

Are people so insecure that they must form these groups that quarantine others from their stupid social enclaves?

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - The sad thing is, she is very pretty and has a great figure. She just looks too old for her clothes.

Sexy Trucker - You're a nut, you know that? What's a "wave hogger"?

Brother Dave - She doesn't look hideous, just like she's trying too hard to look young. And really out of place in an elementary school.
And yes, cliques are as bad among teachers as they are among students. Luckily those of us who aren't in the "in" crowd know how to handle it now: we don't give a shit.


e.Craig Crawford said...

Just think .. you'll be missing those "benefits" all summer long.

Shen-Shen said...

There's a "I'm 50 but I dress like I'm 21" teacher at my school. She wears see through shirts sometimes. It's not very pleasant.

And clique-y?! You'd have thought that cliques would disappear once you graduate, but I guess that's just wishful thinking :(

This is a different side to teaching! But that makes me wonder, who do some of those things benefit then?? Only administration??

trkndude299 said...

wave, as in Microwave.
Um, yeah. I warned you I can be a bit odd sometimes.

HoosierGirl5 said...

E.Craig - I'm not missing any of it. But I still have all the "fun" summer PD.

Shen-shen - Unfortunately, cliques exist your whole life. You just learn to deal with them better as an adult. And yes, knowing a teacher can expose some interesting tidbits.

T-dude - Yeah, I know you can be a bit odd, but that's part of why I love you! XXOO!