Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scrumptious Sunday

Welcome to Scrumptious Sunday:

This week's theme is Mexican.

I am not the world's greatest cook, but our family has its favorites. One of our favorite "quick and easy" Mexican recipes is Hamburger Helper's Crunchy Taco dinner. For a family of 5, 3 of whom are boys, I use 2 boxes and 2 pounds of hamburger. The meat cooks up to taste like taco meat, with beans and rice mixed in. The box comes with a small bag of Fritos but I usually buy a separate bag for the kids to add to it, as well as some sour cream.

We also love to make homemade quesadillas. One year for Christmas, Rachael got a quesadilla maker. With a stack of torillas and some cheese, you can make some hot delicious snacks. We have experimented with all kinds of fillings, but we usually end up with cheese and chicken filling.

As far as all things Mexican, my favorite drink at a Mexican restaurant is a strawberry margarita. No salt. Today for lunch I had "nachos al carbon", which was grilled steak, shrimp, and chicken with chips, lettuce and tomato. It was sooooo good.

As for other Sunday events, I have Joseph's Baccalaureate and a soccer game. Only one more week of school, folks!



Jay said...

I'm very hungry now! I love Mexican food.

Mercedes said...

Sounds great! I would add sour cream too! I love Strawberry Margaritas-minus the sugar and add the salt. We have only one more week of school too! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing! Taco Saladat my place! Have a great day!

Canadian flake said...

awwwww it all sounds soooo yummy. Lately we have been eating tacos filled with chicken instead of beef and omggggg they are sooooo good.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

I really like quesadillas. Cheese and chicken ones are favorites at our house too.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I like to do the taco seasoning with a pound of hamburger, then scoop that onto a bed of corn chips. I add some refried beans abd grated cheese to mine.

And chicken quesadillas rock .. especially homemade.

My favorite drink at a Mexican Restaurant is a Budweiser.

Brother Dave said...

We have been doing taco salad every two or three weeks at dinner time.

It is usually on a Monday "Family Home Evening" with James (our youngest son) and Stephanie (daughter-in-law) joining us.

Sour cream and avocado our wonderful additions to this dinner treat.

. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

never knew there was such a thing as a quesadilla maker - have made them all my life on a griddle - flip once.

Sharon said...

I missed you last week, sorry! I love Mexican food and didn't know that H. helper made this! I'll have to give it a try!

I see you ar rejoycing about the end of school. Me too! Only six more days!