Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Life in Pictures.....

This is a post I have been wanting to do for a couple of weeks now. My life has been very busy lately. We have had several special and/or important events in our family, and I have not had time to do justice to any of them, much less include pictures. So, here is the last two weeks of my life:

My oldest son Joseph and my daughter Rachael were in the spring musical "Peter Pan". Joseph was Mr. Darling and Rachael was a pirate.

My middle son, Daniel, was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. He is my 3rd child to receive this distinction. The middle picture is him with his buddies from the football team.

Just to show what an outstanding student/athlete he is, I snapped these two pictures of Daniel and his girlfriend Stephanie at their last soccer game. Their teams played each other and at one point they were opposing goalies. Stephanie is drawing on Daniel's shirt because we couldn't find his official team shirt, so we had a makeshift one.

This is Rachael's latest "headshot" for auditions. I included it here because she has been trying out for a lot of summer shows, and because I think she's beautiful!

As you may have read earlier this week, last weekend I got to steal away for a weekend with Steven, and we drove up to Chicago for dinner and sightseeing. We had a terrific Chicago-style pizza and parked the car for a walk on the Navy Pier. The one of me asleep Steven took when I got sleepy sitting with him in the truck while he was blogging.

I love this guy so much!

Finally, we have Aaron's First Communion. Doesn't he look great in his jacket and tie?

These last two were taken yesterday. After 2 long weeks, Aaron finally got his stitches out. The one of him in the blue shirt is him waiting in the doctor's office. After it was all over, we went home, changed into more comfortable clothes and went out to eat. The cut has healed nicely and we have a much more relaxed boy!

So, there you have it. My life for the last two weeks.
Have a great Thursday!


Brother Dave said...

Great photos.

Fantastic two weeks.

Thanks for sharing.

e.Craig Crawford said...

You certainly have a brood to be proud of. And to think .. they have accomplished all this while having to put up with you. ;-)

Avitable said...

Those are some great photos! Looks like it's been a good two weeks.

Turnbaby said...

Those are such lovely photos--but then again you have excellent subject matter.

Sayre said...

Huh. Someone who is busier than I am. I didn't think such a person existed... (wink) Seriously - you've got some lovely kids. I'm glad Aaron is feeling better and that the stitches are OUT!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - Thanks! I'm glad you liked them.

E.Craig - I am proud of them. And you have no idea how many times I've wondered how great they've turned out in spite of me!

Avitable - Thanks. They're a good bunch....most of the time.

Turnbaby - I am a photo addict...and having a camera on my phone makes it that much easier for me to snap pictures.

Sayre - I'm glad the stitches are out, too. He took his first "regular" shower in 2 weeks tonight.

Busier than you? That's crazy load is yours X 4!


trkndude299 said...

Is that testament enough?

Keep Rachaels head shot handy.
It was stunning, very powerful, and it definately showed her playfulness; sharing personna.
Rocker Gurl.

Tell Daniel to keep sucking - er I mean hamming it up. Ride that horse for all it's worth.

Joseph is on his own path now. Great pics.
I wish him well on the path he chooses to follow.
It will be his, and his path alone to travel on. His choices, his decisions, his regrets, accomplishments, rewards.
That's what defines us when we turn 18.

Aaron is quite the debonair master in is Jacket. He even has the pose mastered.

The only one left is my Hero, J.
She is; well, "J".
She is my opposite, in more ways than one.
But yet, she is the equal of me!
And thankfully, she remains unique.

Great Post Honey.
I xxxooo you.

Yes; I'm a tad embarassed by my honesty.

trkndude299 said...

Congrats Daniel for your accomplishments.

And Aaron. Behold the Sacrement, for the 1st time.

Racheal: Rock on Girl: Your path lies ahead of you. Just reach out, feel it, and hold on.
Above all, go with your heart! You have a good heart! I can sense it.
You are the "fixer" and the fixer relieves my tasks.

Unless,-it, -leads to, boys.
Boy's are the scum of the Earth!

Uh, yeah. I'm kinda like a "once upon a time" boy, That's why I know how they think.

Be Strong Aaron!
A mouse, or a man. It's your choice!

Mom needs a man, not a mouse.

I absolutely love my "J".
She means everything to me!

Sorry for my ramblings.

captain corky said...

New York pizza is 10x better.

But I really like the rest of your pictures. You have a really great family and clearly have done a fantastic job raising your kids!

HoosierGirl5 said...

My Trkn Sweetie - You are so funny and sweet. Thank you for all your kind comments to and about the kids. They think you're cool, too. Well, at least Daniel and Aaron do. Joseph and Rachael don't think anyone who is associated with the un-cool Mom is cool. Love you, too.

Corky - Thanks. See what you have to look forward to?