Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goofy KIds

My teenagers recently enlightened me about a video that has them all rolling on the floor. It's called "Charlie Bit My Finger!" and apparently has developed quite a little following. Check it out:

Here's one of the many sequels:

"Charlie Commando Training":



Sayre said...

I absolutely ADORE "Chaw-ly" and his perturbed older brother. Makes me laugh everytime I see them!

Brother Dave said...

Love it when kids can entertain themselves. The bubble-pack session is truly a kid-sitter's dream.

Trukindog said...

I love funny little kids...cause they belong to and go home with someone else. :)

Charlie's a crack up.

Canadian flake said...

awwwww how cute is this...I was watching and saying lookkkkk outtttt..lmao.

Palm Springs Savant said...

love these! I have seen one of them before too.

e.Craig Crawford said...