Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yep, this is me.


You Are Country Music

You are friendly, down to earth, and fairly conservative.

You are true to your friends and your upbringing. Change is hard for you.

But beneath your old fashioned attitude, you are expressive and artistic in your own way.

Very few people can express pain and pleasure as eloquently as you can.

Hey, don't laugh. At least I'm not rap.


Sayre said...

**giggling** well, DUH!

I have a present for you over on my blog - come visit!

Sayre said...

Apparently, I am Reggae Music!

You're laid back, friendly, and even a bit of a bum at times.
For you, life is too short to spend your time angry at the world.
But while you don't take life too seriously, you're deeper than people realize. You're very reflective, and a few key topics (like social justice and love) are very important to you.

Sushiboy said...

I was classical.

Yorksdevil said...

Classical music for me too.

R.E.H. said...

That thing claims I'm Country Music too... but, I know that I'm all Rock'n'Roll!

Though... I do like me some country and western every now and then!

Trukindog said...

I'm a Redneck what kind do ya think it says I am.

Although I do have a wide range in musical taste.

Brother Dave said...

I am Electronic Music.

I believe that yours is correct about you.

Canadian flake said...

It says I am country music too...thought you would like to know you have company...

is that good or bad???lmao

Just Dave said...

Country music? You don't look like a fresh-out-of-prison pickup truck wreck standin' in the rain with your dog kinda gal to me.