Monday, April 07, 2008

Guess What? I'm in Texas!

Yep, that's right! I'm in Texas with Steven. Thursday afternoon Steven e-mailed me that he had a load going through Louisville to a town just south of his parents' home in Texas. "Would love to take you with me" he wrote. As late as Friday afternoon, I still didn't know if I could throw it together. After coercing my parents to help me with the kids, hiring a sitter for the evening they are NOT available, begging my brother to pick up the kids from school one day, running to the grocery to stock up on EVERYTHING, paying all the necessary bills, running 3 loads of laundry, and de-briefing the teenagers, I managed to hit the road with Steven early Saturday morning. We drove all day Saturday, through Kentucky, Tennesee, Arkansas (we thought of you, Jay!), and east Texas to arrive just south of Waco, Texas late Saturday night. It has been quite an experience seeing some of Texas for the first time, AND meeting Steven's parents! We have only been here a day, but I have had a blast. I will write more when I get back, probably on Wednesday. Here are some pictures:

Steven and I on the road!

My first few minutes in Texas, on the Arkansas/Texas state line, in Texarkana!

Steven's parents have a palm tree growing in their back yard!

Cactus! I finally saw a real Texas cactus!

More later! I got my first real "cowgirl" hat today! I'm having fun!
Love from Texas!


FindingHeart said...

Your first cactus? Wow. :) Well, I hope you enjoy your visit. East Tx can be beautiful, and very different from Central, West, North, and the coastal plains of Tx. Stay a while and enjoy some more.

Safe travels!

Sayre said...

You need some boots to go with that hat!!! I really miss my boots.

I always thought east Texas was beautiful... And after I lived out West for a few years, I grew to appreciate the rest of Texas too.

I'm glad you were able to coordinate things so that you could go - it looks like you're having a blast!

Tookie Tail said...

Woohoo! Sounds like a fun trip! I'm so glad to hear you're having fun. That's what life is all about. :)
Have a safe trip!

Jay said...

Texas is cool. I shouldn't have left there. It's pretty different down there though. Have fun on your trip!

Trukindog said...

I used to haul loads out of the M&M Mars plant there in Waco, they always gave us BAGS of free candy.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Finding Heart - I thought about you! Where are you? (laugh)

Sayre - I told him what you said, and he just grunted. I don't want to max out his credit card in one trip! Ha, ha. I AM having fun!

Tookie Tail - I am having a good time. Steven's parents are a hoot! Don't tell Steven but I miss my kids already. Isn't that crazy?

Jay - Where are you in Arkansas? I want to come visit you, but it probably won't happen on this trip. We need to get back soon so my parents' babysitting good will doesn't run out.

Truckindog - I saw that Mars/M&M sign. What a tempting place to live. I couldn't believe how awesome Dallas looked at night.