Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gettin' lucky in Kentucky...or just getting sleepy?

Here's a funny shirt I saw at the airport last week. Should I get one? Probably not.

The two younger boys are gone to Indianapolis until the weekend, Steven is busy doing his taxes, and I had a banana dacquari at dinner tonight with my teenagers, which is making me sleepy.

As my boyfriend would say, it's "bedtime for Bonzo".

Good night.



Jay said...

They only sell those t-shirts to people LEAVING Kentucky. LOL .. I slay me! ;-)

Actually, I wonder if they sell those t-shirts in the gift shop at Big Bone Lick State Park? ;-)

I'm kidding .. kidding. I kid because I care.

Sayre said...

Poor Steven - taxes! Mine are done (thank goodness) but I don't do them myself. I have a guy - and he's great!

Get some rest, Mama... you'll probably need it once the taxes are done.

Trukindog said...

(a banana dacquari)- bedtime...WOOS :-)

Anonymous said...

Lets see, 50 states, 50 T Shirts.
Oh no, and there are airports in all those states.
I think it's time to confiscate HG's phone, or get her one without a camera.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna wear that shirt when you take me for a drink.


HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - I am going to have Steven stop the next time he drives through Arkansas and SMACK you in the head. Just because I care. (sweet smile) You're a nut, you know that?

Sayre - Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Steven was sitting in his truck, hundreds of miles away crunching numbers. And what a sweet disposition he had, too!

Truckindog - I TOLD you I don't drink. And when I do, besides making me a little silly, it just makes me sleepy. I'm a cheap date.

Silly Trucker - Don't worry. Since I never go anywhere, the only airport I'm likely to ever see is Louisville's.

Birdman - Yeah, SAY that. But does it ever HAPPEN? Nope. You're just a tease. ;)


Anonymous said...

Me? With a sweet disposition?
OK, the gloves are coming off now. I've got a cranky, snarling, grouchy, reputation to uphold.
No more sweetness from me when I'm being disposed.

Just Dave said...

"Getting lucky in Kentucky" usually translates into "The ATF agent drove right by my still and didn't see it".

Sushiboy said...

I thought getting lucky in Kentucky is when the tornado misses your trailer.

e.Craig Crawford said...

I saw that shirt, and right away the song "Kentucky Woman came to mind. Memories of Patty in Edmonson County.