Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things I've Learned From Dating a Man Who Drives a Truck:

As many of you know, I have been dating a wonderful man since October, who happens to be a long-distance trucker man who drives a truck long-distance. Since that time, I have learned a lot about the trucking industry: log books, weigh stations, PrePass, the Department of Transportation, fuel stops, IdleAire, agents, loadboards, "getting loaded", "get empty", and "dead heading". From all this intruiging information, I have compiled a list of a few things I have learned:

1. Use your turn signals. Always.

2. Do NOT cut in front of a truck.

3. How to tell the difference between a flat top, a goose neck, a covered wagon, and a reefer.

4. The joys of showering in a truckstop.

5. That you should never attempt to talk to a truck driver while he's driving in rush hour traffic in ANY city. And you should never attempt to talk to a truck driver about anything important while he's driving ANYWHERE.

6. Truckstop food is NOT diet food.

7. A truckstop is one of the loneliest places full of people.

8. Truck bunks are cozy and warm, but don't exactly comfortably sleep two.

9. There are no bathrooms in a truck.

10. Fuel is outrageously expensive.

11. Driving in New York makes one very grumpy.

12. Truckers stuck in traffic jams can sometimes be very funny.

13. There is a difference between men who drive trucks and "truckers". Steven says he is the former, not the latter.

14. The Peterbilt dealership has a cool store. (neat truck toys, and t-shirts!)

15. Truck drivers are the hardest working, most underappreciated people in the US.

And I'm very lucky to love, and be loved by one.

Keep on truckin', y'all.



R.E.H. said...

#4 I'm not going to comment on ;)

I found, during the time I worked at a gas station in Florida, that there are two types of truckers. There is no in-between...

A) The assholes.

B) The extremely friendly.

Really. I have never met a trucker who is just... average or bland.

I'm sure your man falls under category "B".

e.Craig Crawford said...

Those who drive trucks earn every penny they are paid.

You are fortunate to have experienced that bit of Americana first hand. Big rigs deliver the goods all over the USA. The wheels of commerce .. unquestionably.

Yorksdevil said...

I always find it quite amusing to hear Americans moan about fuel prices. When they come over here I'm surprised they don't all die of shock. Current British petrol ('gas') prices work out at about $7.80 per US gallon.

Anonymous said...

You have a point about petrol prices.
Europe's high prices are because of the super high taxes imposed on petrol.
That is not what is driving our prices here.
It's basic economics. Supply + demand. Tie that in to our inability to drill / refine oil because of our govt. + special interest groups, and presto; it is what it is!
The transportation industry is very, very different in your neck of the world. Independent operators are a rare breed there, while here it's the oposite. Too much to get into here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being long winded sweetie.
Great post.
No folks, that's not my truck. Most of the time it's great to have an office with a view.
Seeing sunrises + sunsets coast to coast is definately a positive.
Seeing the West Texas sky at midnight is very humbling. I feel very close to God when I'm there. I like to take some time and ponder what my mission is here on earth.
Taking J into the truck dealership was questionable on my part. Talk about a kid in a candy store; sheesh. The parts guy's really liked her! Good thing I was on a mission and J was appeased by a set of wiper blades and the promise of a shopping manna when the truck show rolls into town.(hey, I'm not cheap, my bill was $1000 already)

Hee hee. Wait for that truck show post. Oh. Shoot. Ya'll better send some $$ cause I don't think I can print enough cash by then.
Thanks for your kind thought's J, you're the BEST!It was nice to revisit our road trip + I love you and I feel that I'm more lucky than you, cause you put up with me + luv me back!
(yes folks, driving in NYC makes me very grumpy)

Jay said...

Whenever I'm traveling anywhere by car I eat at truck stops. They usually have buffets and they serve breakfast all day long. Good stuff.

I don't drive a truck but I don't like for anyone to talk to me in rush hour traffic either. ;-)

RWA said...

Well, it appears someone has become an advocate for truckers.

RWA said...

Well, it appears someone has become an advocate for truckers.

Anonymous said...

No, she actually hasn't. I wouldn't be supportive of that. She's just amazed (the teacher in her) by an industry that she's never been exposed to.

yup. The best thing about T.S's is 24 hour breakfast, and mostly clean bathrooms.

coffeypot said...

Hooter J, you are lucky to be involved with on of the knights of the highway. They are the backbone of our industrial and individual needs, and I do appreciate them.

When I am on my transports and I'm not listening to my audio books, I listen to the trucker radio stations. They are funny, loyal to each other and love this country.

You know the old saying, "Truckers never die, the just get a new Peterbuilt."

captain corky said...

Number 4 scares me... A LOT!

Mr. Fabulous said...

. A truckstop is one of the loneliest places full of people.

I love that statement. So true.

Trukindog said...

Good luck with J. at the show, they do become gimmee kid's don't they!

Just a few things to say to your post.
1-Please Do.
2-Please Don't.
4-Did he mention the shower camera's...just kidding.
5-You learned that quick I bet.
6-Depend's how fast it goe's thru ya.
8-You mean he didn't make you sleep in the seat...he does love you.
9-What do you think empty 2 liter pop bottles are for?

HoosierGirl5 said...

R.E.H. - You know you're just dying to know the story behind #4....but I'm not the kind of girl to "shower and tell"..(hee, hee). From the few truckers I've met, I would have to agree with you. Most have been really nice. And yes, he's in category "B", for sure.

Craig - Americana is right. I will never forget our road trip, and I hope to go on another one soon.

York - Yikes! How do you afford those prices? You've done it've got Steven on the topic of gas prices.....

Special Trucker- I would never call you "long winded", sweetie. "Opinionated", maybe....(wink) I had to be appeased, did I? I wondered why you were so quick to buy those wiper blades....Do they sell pink IPods at the truck show? (smile)

Thanks for your kind thought's J, you're the BEST!It was nice to revisit our road trip + I love you and I feel that I'm more lucky than you, cause you put up with me + luv me back! You know I feel the same way about you! You're the best! Kisses!

Jay - Yes, you must like breakfast food to eat in truck stops, although the buffets are usually pretty good, too. I can totally see you being grumpy in ANY traffic.

R.W.A. - I can stand up for truckers if I want to. He just won't let me go on the road with him full-time. I think it would be fun!

Coffeypot - How did you know he drives a Peterbilt?

Corky - You're not scared, you're're dying to know, and I'm not telling...(wink)

Mr.Fab - Thanks. It's so true, and sad in a way. All those men sitting in their trucks all alone for the night.

Truckindog - Hey, I am NOT a "gimme kid". At least I don't think I am. I can be a little bit, at Sam's Club. I love that place!

Shower cams? Boy, did they get their money's worth THAT night!

No, he didn't make me sleep in the seat! But he and I together take up more space than the bunk allows. It's a good thing we like each other...'cause we were on top of each other all night, and NOT in a good way!

Um...we used a trash can. It was too cold to get up in the middle of the night, get dressed, and go into the truck stop.....


Anonymous said...

# 4. The shower was just that. I discovered then that J is clostrophobic (sp).
I'm getting wet from the shower + she proclaims she's outta there.
She did return with a hot cup of coffee for me, which made it all ok.

Discover Sirius satellite radio. I did + life is good.
J loves Americana, + I love to expose her to that.
Mr Fab.
Yup, she caught the lonliness thing right away. + I was stunned she put that on this post.
Shower cams? Really?
If so; we'll soon be on MTV's reality show. J will be the Goddess.
A true vision of beauty!
I'll be the mold.

Thanks J for this post. I love you!
I love it, that you love me!
xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Oh, Thanks for keeping this positive r.e.h. I'm happy being a B kinda guy. Very happy indeed.

HoosierGirl5 said...

The shower was just that. I discovered then that J is clostrophobic (sp).

Okay, I guess I'm going to have to talk to someone about giving away my secrets...(laugh) Yes, the shower was just a shower. I just like making you guys use your imagination. And yes, I AM a little claustrophobic.

I'm going to get someone the next time he's here! (evil grin)


Canadian flake said...

We do a lot of driving on major highways I have a lot of respect for truck drivers and ALWAYS stay outta their

Trukindog said...


Next time treat her to a PETRO couples {double} shower and she might stick around and wash your back. Plus they have better lighting for the camera.LOL

Anonymous said...

T-Dog, you may be right about that back washing thought.
All this time I actually thought J was claustrophobic and she just skipped out on washing backs.
Rats, I missed out again.

Coffeepot: Thanks for the kudos!

HoosierGirl5 said...

Canadian Flake - Yes, staying out their way is best.

Truckindog - How do YOU know about couples showers, hmmm? Do tell.

Sexy Trucker - You know I would wash your back....or anywhere else! (wink)


Miss Britt said...

My grandfather drove a truck for a long time, and then owned a trucking business. You can tell by the way his daughter (my mother) drives when there are trucks on the road. ;-)