Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Favorite Guy Bloggers

When I started this month of blogging daily, I made a list of possible posts I could do and one of them was this one. I will have been blogging here at The Coffee Table for almost 2 years (my "blog-iversary" is in June) and through blogging, have "met" a wide variety of characters and hunks (wink). Here is a list of my favorite hunky blogging guys (in no particular order), to whom I award the "Rockin' Guy Blogger" Award. You all rock in my book!

  • Avitable - more than a handful from Florida. And man, can he dance!

  • Coffeypot - a grouchy old guy who's kind of fun when he wants to be.

  • Corky - a Louisvillian Star Trek fanatic with an adorable son.

  • Jay of "Cynical Bastard" - The hunkiest guy from Arkansas I know!

  • Dave of "Dave's Garden of Earthly Delights" - a man who gives sweet compliments.

  • Dave 2 of "Blogography" - the most famous blogger I read. He even has his own T-shirts.

  • Brother Dave - a true gentleman and a scholar.

  • E.Craig - my first blog crush, a sexy great-grandpa from Ohio. And a fellow coffee lover.

  • Finding Heart - a Texan AND a teacher. What more could you want?

  • Mr. Fabulous - a talented Sculpey artist, and a deeply disturbed man, yet hilariously funny!

  • NYCWD "Dawg" - a true New Yorker, with a heart of gold!

  • Rick Rockhill "Palm Springs Savant" - a pet lover and a Californian, yet he seems normal!

  • Jeff of "Psychosomatic Wit" - A fellow Hoosier, who I would love to meet! (Coffee?)

  • R.E.H. - The farthest away, in Sweden, and very creative. And he goes to the gym, so he must be a hunk!

  • Birdman - Ah, the man I wanted to marry, but alas, he is in New Jersey! (laugh) Corky's buddy.

  • RWA - One of my oldest blogging buddies, and a very talented photographer.

  • Truckindog - a crazy trucker from Arizona who loves to fish!

  • Yorksdevil - my favorite English college student, with an observant eye and a love of music!

  • Hale McKay - This guy is amazingly funny and creative.

    1. Who are YOUR favorite blogging dudes? Who rocks your blogging world?

      Coming soon, my favorite blogging chicks!



      Jay said...

      Hey! I'm the ONLY guy from Arkansas you know! LOL ;-)

      HoosierGirl5 said...

      But you're still the best looking!
      (hee, hee)


      coffeypot said...

      I don't have in male hotties that I blow with. Just a buch of guys hanging out.

      HoosierGirl5 said...

      Coffeypot - I was really just looking for some interesting links. I would hope you're not "hanging with any hotties". That would be disturbing. (wink)


      Sushiboy said...

      Ah, Dave's Garden, thats one of my favorites too. I've checked out Mr. Fab more than once, and now I have a whole bunch other blogs to check out too.

      Sayre said...

      I know Jeff! I visit him regularly and enjoy his posts quite a bit. I don't know any of your other guys, but I do like their avatars - especially Corky's Captain Kirk!

      Trukindog said...

      Momma always said crazy is as crazy does....and thats all I have to say about that.

      Yorksdevil said...

      Thank you very much. I'm not sure I really qualify since I haven't been posting anything in recent months.

      You've made me realise almost all the bloggers I read are female. The exceptions being RWA and Moobs @ moobz(dot)com

      e.Craig Crawford said...

      After all these years I'm FINALLY rockin'. Thank you, Hootergirl. And I'm sexy too. Boy howdy! ;-)

      HoosierGirl5 said...

      Sushiboy - I almost added YOU to my list. I just started reading you, too. Please come back.

      Sayre - I think I originally linked to Jeff from YOU.

      Truckindog - How about you say "thank you"?

      York - You know I still love you, whether you post a lot or not. XO

      E.Craig - You're welcome. You ARE rockin'. AND sexy. Whoo hoo!


      Redneck Nerdboy! said...

      Miss you too girlfriend!

      HoosierGirl5 said...

      Nerdboy - Jas! You came to see me. Long time, no see. I hope all is well with you. Please stop by again soon. XO


      Dave2 said...

      My favorite blogging dude is Dave2, and I applaud your putting him on this list!


      Trukindog said...

      Where ARE my manners?
      I not only thank you I am honored to be on this most prestigious list. Heh I always wanted to use the word prestigious.

      Just Dave said...

      I remain humbly amazed that anyone bothers to read my ramblings. Thank you for your kind words.

      Avitable said...

      I'm also your favorite person from Florida, right?

      R.E.H. said...

      It warms my heart to think I'm one of your favorite dudes ;)

      Now, I'm going to the gym to become a hunk... don't keep your hopes up just yet ;)

      Thanks for the award!

      captain corky said...

      Thanks, J! I think my favorite blooging dude is me. ;)

      Mr. Fabulous said...

      Awesome! Let's make out!

      Anonymous said...

      Wow, that's a full list of hotness right there! :)

      Phil said...

      I didn't even make the list. I am shattered. Maybe if I had commented on your blog all of this time I have been reading it, I would have made that list. Man, I am sad that I didn't even make the list.


      HoosierGirl5 said...

      Dave2 - You are as confusing as you are talented. Thanks for stopping by.

      Truckindog - Manners? You have manners? You're welcome.

      Just Dave - I am just as amazed. You're welcome, too.

      Avitable - You are DEFINITELY my favorite GUY from Florida.

      R.E.H. - You are most certainly one of my favorite "dudes". And I'm sure you're already a hunk. Going to the gym is just going to make you hunkier (is that a word?).

      Corky - I should have known. Please pass the word of this honor on to Birdman.

      Mr. Fabulous - Um...wouldn't Mrs. Fab have something to say about that?

      Hilly - Yeah, my computer almost caught fire when I wrote it.

      Phil - Awww...I'm sorry. I always wondered who "wormdude" was. And now I know! Please come back again.


      Canadian flake said...

      Yup I totally agree with your list...Rick, Corky and NYdawg totally rock...

      Great list.

      Jeff said...

      Hey, I made the list! Sayre, you are nice to me all over the net - not just at my place!

      For the record, I found YOU, hoosiergirl - probably from Sayre's place. The "hoosier" part nabbed me. Oh so close, and not to have met.

      I predict we will.

      FindingHeart said...

      Feels like I'm living in the dark spaces of the blogosphere, just on the edge but not yet fallen over. Catching up today and saw your great compliment. To be included in this list was nice. To be called hunky, even better.

      Thanks sister. Your blog has come a long way. Keep up the writing!