Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Top Ten Easter Treats:
  1. Cadbury creme eggs
  2. Peeps
  3. Cadbury mini eggs
  4. Nestle crunch eggs
  5. Chocolate bunnies
  6. Starburst jelly beans
  7. Pastel M&Ms
  8. Reese peanut butter eggs
  9. Whoppers mini robin eggs
  10. Hot cross buns

The top 3 links are from an awesome new website, ButteryPopcorn, started by a blog legend: New York City Watchdog, and his good friend Poppy. I highly recommend it. Try HERE for more Easter ideas.

Answers to the quiz below will be up later.

Have a Happy Easter!



Anonymous said...

1. Baked Hickory Smoked Ham.
2. Mashed Potato's.
3. Baked Potato's
4. Cheesy Potato's
5. Scalloped Potato's.
6. Easter Egg Hunts.
7. Dyeing Eggs.
8. Deviled Eggs.
9. Anything With Eggs.
10.Yes, even those dreadful Reeses PB eggs.

Jeff said...

Happy Easter to you, my fellow hoosier friend.

Jay said...

Happy Easter.

A chocolate bunny, a couple of Cadburry Eggs, some Doritos and beer while watching NCAA games is the perfect Easter Sunday. ;-)

e.Craig Crawford said...

I have slid off my diet. Now it's Easter. Candy. I know my grandkids are going to want to share. How can I disappoint them? Hey! It's only once a year.

Canadian flake said...

yummyyyyyyyyyyyy yummyyyyyyyy yummyyyyyyy...thanks for sharing.

Happy Easter

Canadian flake said...

Sorry to be pestering you again..just wanted to pop back in and let you know I gave you a shout out on my blog today and linked to your blog. Have a great weekend.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sweet Trucker - Next Easter I will have ham and mashed potatos just for you. At least you got some cheesy potatos! I think you were pretty happy with that steak. If I had known you like Reece Eggs I would have made you a basket full of them!

Jeff - Happy Easter to you!

Jay - You just had to rub it in about having someone to watch in the NCAA, didn't you? Except for the beer, your Sunday menu sounds great.

E.Craig - As for the diet, me too! But we can start fresh again tomorrow. And you can't hurt the grandkids' feelings, right?

C.Flake - Happy Easter to you, too! Thanks for the award. I will be passing it on soon.


Brother Dave said...

I do love Cadbury creme eggs.

I miss maple creme eggs with dark chocolate.

RWA said...

Whoever put together those rankings have a conspiracy against chocolate bunnies.

Cadbury creme eggs? Are they serious?