Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Boy!

18 years ago today, I became a mother for the very first time. My oldest son, Joseph, was born at 8:51 AM. He was 7 pounds, 14 3/4 ounces, and 21 inches long.

I don't really know what to say. It has been so weird today, realizing that my "child" is technically an adult. He buy lottery tickets and cigarettes. He can vote for President.

As you all know, I am amazingly proud of Joseph. He is talented and smart and funny and (most of the time) a decent human being. He was my first baby.

I just wonder how he got to be this old. How did I get to be this old? I was only 25 when he was born. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I wanted a family so badly. I couldn't wait to be his mom. And I have made a million sacrifices since that day to give him everything I can. There is still a lot I can't give him. I couldn't give him a traditional family his whole life. I still can't give him a "normal" dad. But I think we have done all right.

I know he loves me. And I love him.

Happy Birthday to my first 18 year old child.



Nancy said...

Jodi, tell Joseph I said hello and happy birthday!


Brother Dave said...

Children are resilient, as we know.

Joseph is a blessing to your life, as you are to his.

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Jay said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joseph.

I think you did quite well J considering the circumstances.

I'd say he's very typical for this stage in a males life.
I will say the next few months will be challenging on a whole new level.

Tookie Tail said...

I have what you call a traditional family and I'd be willing to bet your kids
have not been lacking for what really counts in life.
The love you give and the way you raise them has more value than any material things you were not able to give them. Don't be hard on yourself. Your kids are rich with your love and they will carry that with them in their life.
Sending birthday wishes to your son, Joseph! :)

e.Craig Crawford said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph. Do you remember your 18th, J? I remember mine. But back in the day one was not an "adult" 'til age 21. And I spent my 21st at sea, miles and miles away from land.

My eldest grandchild turned 21 last year. The years have flown by, haven't they.

Sayre said...

Happy birthing day to you, J! You have successfully raised an adult! How weird is that???

I think most mothers, no matter how old they are at the time, feel totally lost and unsure of themselves with their first child. You were 25. I was 37. We were in the same boat.

R.E.H. said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Isn't it amazing how time flies?

captain corky said...

I think you're a really great mom and you show a very good deal of love for your kids.

Avitable said...

Happy birthday - now go get some hookers and coke and party it up!

RWA said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph.

Just Dave said...

A very Happy Birthday to Joseph. Eighteen is a very special age, poised between manhood and boyhood, still needing his mom (as he always will) but maybe a little embarassed at public hugs. They do grow so very fast

HoosierGirl5 said...

Thanks everyone.

Avitable - Stay away from my children. Please.