Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another guest post from Steven......

Happy "Hump Day" all! My favorite trucker has rolled into town again, and we are headed for the Mid-America Truck Show on Friday. In honor of his return visit, I have asked him to "guest post" again. Here is his "counter post" to my post on "10 Things I Have Learned from Dating a Man Who Drives a Truck". He was pretty easy on me the first time, so I guess it's safe to let him do this again.......

Hello Everyone,

This was supposed to be my first guest post, but somehow I managed to crash and burn on my first mission into the unknown. Now that my wings have been reattached, I have been given clearance to attempt another flight in the blogosphere.

Since I've met Hoosier Girl I've been introduced to the world of blogs. One of the things she taught me, was that I was what was known in blog speak as a lowly lurker. I winced at that phrase. That word has such negative energy, I really don't need any help in the negative energy department. In an effort to not be a lurker, I've given this blog stuff a try at posting, and because Hoosier Girl gave me lots of encouragement to do so. Well, here we go.

The 10 things I learned from dating a teacher:

1. Teachers are always on a learning curve.

2. Just one student can ruin a teaching career.

3. Teachers are on the cutting edge of technology and they know how to apply that technology in the classroom.

4. Administrators can be as ruthless as overzealous truck inspectors.

5. Teachers like to have fun with educating and see fun in everything they do and see. You know, drinking straws, pipe cleaners, food, paper clips, etc.

6. Not all teachers will correct your bad spelling and grammatical faux pas (sp).

7. Teachers have to be as much a lawyer, counselor, politician, prison warden, and then they might actually get to teach after donning those other hats.

8. My beloved Atlas and my all time favorite wall map have been replaced with laptops and fancy projectors. (can anyone explain why US Geography is a difficult concept to grasp without the aid of computers?)

9. Teachers give lots of very, very good advice.

10. Last, but not at all least; My favorite teacher has taught me that I have soo much more to learn yet.


aka "Hoosier Girl's boyfriend"


Trukindog said...

9. Teachers give lots of very, very good advice.

Yea like "Do your own damn laundry"

Brother Dave said...

Once we realize that we are lifelong learners, we also see that we didn't know what we didn't know.

Having a teacher in the mix of friends and acquaintances is a definite plus.

Sayre said...

Teachers are among the most unrecognized builders of our society. But anyone who has a teacher for a friend knows exactly how precious they are. You've found that out - and I've known it for a while.

Yorksdevil said...

I certainly never saw any evidence of no. 3 when I was at school. I'll tell you what though, there's no way I'd ever consider a career teaching. I haven't the patience for it.

RWA said...

I am beginning to think that these guest posts are for your own ego boosts, J.


e.Craig Crawford said...

C'mon, Steven. How much did J pay you to say all those nice things about her? ;-)

Just Dave said...

I'm sorry but I had to giggle behind by hand when I saw the salutation "Happy Hump Day" followed by the declarative statement, "My favorite trucker has rolled into town again..". My childish sense of humor.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Truckindog - Hell yeah.

Brother Dave - Thank you. I think YOU would have made a great teacher.

Sayre - Thanks.

York - You're still young. Besides, you kinda have to like kids. A lot.

RWA - Well, duh. What else are boyfriends good for? ;)

Craig - We work it out in trade. ;)

JustDave - The way your mind works.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
This was totally comp.
I actually have been paying attention to J + the trials and tribulations she's been going through as a EBD (emotional, behavioral disorder teacher).
I have put so many volunteer hours in at the public school level (although just a few for the "bad" kids) that I feel that I've earned congressional recognition.
I definately realize what teachers / adults endure in our public schools.
I thank each and everyone for their kinds words and words of support.

For T-Dog;
Support in this instance does not refer to a jock strap!

Ya'll have a great weekend.
Brotherly Love,