Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wii Survived!

The party was a big hit! Here are the pics:

Exhibit A: The VERY clean breakfast bar, ready for pizza and cookie cake! (See, Steven? I TOLD you!)

Exhibit B: The "Darth Vadar" pinata

Exhibit C: The cookie cake...yum!

Exhibit D: The birthday boy blows out his candles!

Exhibit E: The living room full of boys, tired and happy from playing Wii!

I pulled it off, folks!


Anonymous said...

There is a counter / breakfastbar after all!
Just teezing ya.
I'm glad it was a good day for you + Aaron. Looks like a much larger crowd than you expected!
I'm lookin forward to giving Aaron that proverbial "inch" pinch.

Luv Ya Babydoll.
The Kitchen looks absolutely fabulous.
Too bad I'm not there to take it all in.
Oh, Hey! I Do Hope, somebody saved me at least a morsel of a cookie. Just a crumb, or even a sniff is all I need. (A sniff is good for 5 pounds on me.)

Brother Dave said...

w0w… you did it.


What a terrific weekend.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that you TOTALLY ROCK!

Oh yeah Babe.

Hey, did I mention that I think that you rock?

Well, effin A.
You Rock!

Hmmnn. Over done?


You really do rock.

You Steel my heart.

Anonymous said...

I would attend that party and Im sorry I missed it!

R.E.H. said...

Looks like you pulled off a great party. Love the birthday cake (I can almost taste it!).

And... I ADORE that T-Shirt Aaron's wearing! The zombie shirt. I want one of those (but, maybe an old dude like me better not wear it in public).

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sexy Trucker - Wow!
There is a counter / breakfastbar after all!
I TOLD you, but you wouldn't believe me! You thought it was just a permanent mound of paper and clutter! Aaron says no cookie cake for you if you're going to pinch him! (ha, ha) You "totally rock", too. You steel my heart, too, babe!

Brother Dave - Thanks. My "Mother of the Year" tiara is still in place!

Birdman - You would have been most welcome. I'll bet you could hold your own with the kids on Guitar Hero 3! I know you would love the music!

R.E.H. - The t-shirt Aaron is wearing says "Warning: I am a brain-eating Zombie!" Then in smal print at the bottom, it says, "Don't worry - you're safe". He thinks it's hilarious. AND it glows in the dark! What more could you ask for? If I ever see one in an adult size, I will buy you one! (smile)


coffeypot said...

Of course you pulled it off. You're a mom and moms pull shit like this off. But being a "rock?"

A rock just sits there and gathers moss. It does nothing, it says nothing! It is just there for you to stump your toe on or trip you up. I wouldn’t say you are a rock. I’d say you are more that that. You are a mom.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wasn't I supposed to be invited to that party?

Hey, I need your mailing addy. I need to "pay it forward" to you!

Just Dave said...

Very good. Congratulations. You may now go get your Valium prescription refilled.

Sayre said...

My hat's off to you... my boy is ALREADY making plans for his birthday - which is a little more than two months away! And a birthday cookie went over well, huh? I've never tried that.

e.Craig Crawford said...

Darn it, I missed the party. Looks like a good time was had by all.

And you weren't too worn out to post!

Canadian flake said...

wtg and congrats...the cookie cake looks

Sushiboy said...

Wow that was quite the party! congrats on pulling it all off. My son had a star wars party, we made a "death star" pinata, it didn't look nearly that good.