Monday, February 18, 2008

Manic Monday

Since I'm feeling a bit grouchy tonight, I decided to go short and sweet. I found this over at Fleur-de-Lisa's:

What do you order when you eat Chinese food? I love shrimp fried rice, with snow peas. Or chicken low mein. Or lately, I have been getting Bourbon chicken. And an egg roll.

How much have you controlled the course your life has taken? Wow, this is a tricky one. I controlled who I married, and how many kids I've had, so in large part I HAVE controlled the course of my life. But I was not in control when my ex-husband divorced me or left me to raise four kids by myself....but I think, in spite of marrying on the rebound, that I have regained control of my destiny since then.

Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote? My mom and dad. Friends whose opinions I respect in other matters. My brother-in-law.


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R.E.H. said...

Orange Beef. That's my preferred order at a Chinese restaurant. Over where I am, they serve fried calamari with sweet & sour sauce, which is dee-lish'.

coffeypot said...

My answers are:

1. Rolaids!
2. Every step of it that Sweet Tea lets me.
3. Mine!
4. And I like everyday of the week. Some are harder than others, but then that gives you obstacles to overcome.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Reading about all of this food today has made me hungry, and I don't even like Chinese all that much!

Glad you joined in on Manic Monday this week, J.

Anonymous said...

Got to love Chinese Food in the mid-west. I can't go to a chinese food place here in the tri-state area and get BOURBON CHICKEN. lol

Not a lot of BOURBON recipes in Chinese cooking =P

Anonymous said...

I hope I made you smile and not more grouchy!

Trukindog/Scotty said...

1. Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef Lo Main, at least 2 eggrolls & an appetizer of Crab Stuffed Wanton.

2. All I can say to that is...Against the wind just runnen against the wind.

3. My oldest sister Paula & my two oldest friends Travis & Ernie. Paula has always been there for me when I needed support & good advise.
I've known Travis & Ernie since the 5th grade. We each would give the proverbial shirt off our backs for each other.

The 5th grade...that was 37 years ago AW CRAP I'M GETTIN OLD !

Anonymous said...

I'd go for Broccoli Beef, Hot + sour soup, white rice.

Control is merely an illusion. The only thing I have some direction about is not running over some careless, ignorant motorist, and even that is dicey.

I'm very conservative by nature. I have my own mind; I vote my way! Not the populist way.

Yeah, it was a lousy day for me too.

Canadian flake said...

awwwwwwww the kitty is soooo purdy...hope your Tuesday was better than your Monday..

Hang in there...

Mr. Fabulous said...

I thought you value my opinion most!

Jeff said...

I love me some Chinese food!

Brother Dave said...

I want bourbon chicken (heavy on the bourbon please].

HoosierGirl5 said...

R.E.H. - I've never had Orange Beef. I just recently ventured out to try Bourbon Chicken. I'm one of those people who orders the same thing every time just to be safe.

Coffeypot - I'm glad Sweet Tea keeps you on a short leash.

Lisa - Yeah...for some reason I'm craving Chinese food. You're welcome.

Birdman - I never thought about the bourbon thing, but I guess you're right! That's kind of funny! And yes, you made me laugh, not grouchier.

TruckinDog - I like the crab-stuffed wontons, too. 37 years since you were in the 5th grade? Man, you ARE old! (just teasing)

Sexy Anonymous "Man-who-drives-a-truck" - I like broccoli beef, too.

C.Flake - Thanks. Things are looking better.

Mr. Fab - Oh, I DO. Really I do.

Jeff - Do they sell Chinese food in Evansville or is it all barbeque? (har, har)

Brother Dave - If you ever come this way, I will buy you some bourbon AND some bourbon chicken.