Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Weekend is never dull when you have 4 kids.....

So, it's SuperBowl Sunday. The game is on, the junk food and drink is here's a quick update on what the kids have been up to this weekend:

Joseph and Rachael participated in the sectional vocal contest on Saturday. Joseph got a Gold in Level 1. He will be going to the State competition.

Rachael also got a Gold in Level 1 and will be going to State. They both sang in Italian. Also on Saturday, haircuts for the two younger boys.

This is Sunday and Daniel is, at this moment, hosting a Super Bowl Party. We have 6 13 yr.old boys! We have Domino's Pizza, hot wings, cheesy bread, chips and dip, a veggie tray, and a cookie cake! Plus Dr.Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and iced tea in the fridge. The boys piled into the living room to watch the opening kickoff and now are back in Daniel's room playing Guitar Hero. Also today, Aaron's Cub Scout "Blue and Gold" banquet after church.

I played hookey from school Friday to go on a school field trip with Aaron to the Kentucky Derby Museum. We had lots of fun! We also did a quick Cub Scout field trip after school to the fire station and one of three weekly trips to the gym for Daniel and Aaron. Friday night saw Joseph and Rachael at the high school basketball game, Daniel at the Jr. High "Teen Scream" dance, and me and Aaron home watching movies.

Like I said, it's never dull around here.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


Brother Dave said...

How do you keep up with 'em?

coffeypot said...

Congratulations to all. I got go to All-State Chorus at The University of Georgia, but I didn’t get to sing. Leon Walters and I looked up one of our prior year high school football a player who was on the freshman squad that year. He took us out and we got drunk, not making it back to the bus till after midnight. Needless to say we were in hot shit for a while. I’m sure yours are better behaved than we were.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Brother Dave - Well, my boyfriend is out of town a lot, and I have no other life, basically. Besides, they're fun!

Coffeypot - MY kids don't drink yet, thank God. Besides, they were with me on Saturday. Not much time to "cut loose".


Just Dave said...

NY-17, NE-14. Who da thunk it? I guess the Hoosiers are happy for Payton's little bubba. Now Eli will probably show up on every commercial on TV. Hope your home survived the party.

Fleur de Lisa said...

They keep you busy, don't they? What are you doing in town this week? Email me!

Anonymous said...

And I thought that 2500 miles in 4 days was too busy!
That doesn't hold a candle to your weekend.

Congrats to "J" + "R". I'm proud of them.
+ woohoo. "A" earned some belt loops. I'm sure he looked very Scout like in his uniform.

And,I didn't think it to be possible, but you are more beautiful with the new "do".
Sorry Guys, I know my opinion is biased, but she really is very pretty to me.

RWA said...

Wow. It sounds like your weekends are busier than your weeks.

RWA said...
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e.Craig Crawford said...

You are fortunate to have such talented kids. But I know it takes a lot of effort to develop those talents.

Not to mention a dedicated Mom who probably runs herself ragged some days. :-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Just Dave - Wasn't that a great game? I loved it! And yes, my house DID survive, but man, those boys can eat!

Lisa - E-mail is on the way.

Sexy Trucker - You look pretty good to me, too.(wink)

RWA - It's a toss-up. I desperately need a second car!

Craig - Ah, Craig, I wish I could take credit for their talents. All I can take credit for is giving them the opportunity.


Canadian flake said...

wtg on the awards...sounds like the weekend was full of lots of fun....

All that talk of junkfood sure made me hungry..lmao...