Saturday, February 09, 2008

I Love Teddy Bears!

One of my favorite blog reads is New York City Watch Dog, also known as NYCWD or "Dawg". He has a blogger friend named Steff, and every year he gets her a Vermont Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day. He is running a poll right now to decide which one she gets. (This is "Redneck Hot Bear" here to the right.)

So.....I was voting for the "Bee Bear" and I decided to take the quiz on which bear would be right for me, and LOOK! They have a "Teacher Bear"! Isn't it the cutest thing??? I love it!

Here are some more I like:

Angel Bear!

Heart Throb Bear! Look at the cute little boxers!

Awww....Mr. Right!

Ooh, baby! "Bear Naked" Bear! Perfect for Coffeypot! (wink)

From the right we have "Love Bandit", "Country Lovin' " and "Horny Little Devil".

Look at all THESE cute ones for Valentine's Day!! They also have birthday bears, Mother's Day bears....all kinds of bears!

Okay, I'm finished drooling over the adorable but expensive-and-unnecessary teddy bears now. Go back to your lives, citizens.



RWA said...

When coffeypot sees the naked bear, the comments will be interesting for sure.

R.E.H. said...

Cool bears! The naked bear and the Horny Devil bear are my favorites!

Beats my bear on a stick!

Canadian flake said...

I like the bears...they are

I had come accross NYC's blog right after his son passed...was so very sad...I kept stopping in to look for word of him...glad he made it back ok...

Can't imagine how he functions..but wow to him...

Thanks ...

coffeypot said...

That naked bear is really proud of the leaf, isn't he? I think a clover would have worked just as well.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if you keep mentioning Valentine's stuff, I'm going to find your phone number and call you at 3 o'clock Thursday morning when I'm still putting roses in vases, even though my thumbs are bleeding, for all the crazies who like Valentines!!!!

e.Craig Crawford said...

Those Vermont Bears start at $40, if I recall. That must be the naked one. Once you start dressing them, I imagine the price jumps rather quickly. I'd rather have a $12 box of Esther Price Candy. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - Coffeypot loves naked ANYTHING!

R.E.H. - My favorites are Redneck Bear, Teacher Bear, or Heartthrob Bear.

Coffeypot - Are you talking about the bear needing a clover, or yourself?

Tense - I'm sorry. This started out as an "I love these teddy bears" post. But I DO love Valentine's Day (please forgive me).

Craig - They're even more than that. But they ARE adorable! I'd like to see you dressed up like Heart throb Bear! (wink)


Anonymous said...

I vote for the "redneck" bear. Provided his pants come buttoned up! (I'm only part redneck ya know!)

e.Craig Crawford said...

I would have thought you'd want me to dress as the angel bear. Oh well. I checked out those prices and OMG!