Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Our school's book fair offered "the play-at-home companion book to the hit TV show" and I just couldn't resist. Here is Quiz #1:

1. 1st Grade Social Studies: In what month do Americans go trick-or-treating?

2. 1st Grade World Geography: True or False? Africa is a country south of Europe.

3. 2nd Grade U.S. Geography: What is the body of water between Florida and Texas called?

4. 2nd Grade English: How many syllables are there in the word Mississippi?

5. 3rd Grade World History: True or False? Columbus discovered America in the 14th century.

6. 3rd Grade Measurements: How many feet are there in 75 yards?

7. 4th Grade Earth Science: True or False? Comets are made up mostly of rock and metal.

8. 4th Grade Chemistry: On the periodic table, what element is represented by the letter N?

9. 5th Grade Math: Is the fraction 3/7 greater than or less than 7/10?

10. 5th Grade Biology: The frontal lobe of your brain controls.....A. your learning and decision making, B. your hearing and your memory, C. your sense of touch, or D. your sight.

$1,000,000 Question: 5th Grade Music: In classical music, what instruments typically comprise a string quartet?

I missed 3 out of 10 AND the $1,000,000 question.

Post your guesses answers. I will "grade" your quizzes and post the answers tomorrow.



Jay said...

1. October
2. False
3. Gulf of Mexico
4. Four
5. False
6. 225 (more or less)
7. Ummm YES!
8. Nitrogen?
9. Less
10. A

$1,000 Question: A cello, violin and ... umm viola and ... um ... crap ... another violin??? I like the violin so let's put two in there, okay?? ;-)

Avitable said...

1. Oct.
2. False. It's a continent.
3. Gulf of Mexico.
4. Four
5. False. It was the 15th.
6. 225 feet in 75 yards.
7. False. They are mainly dirt and ice.
8. Nitrogen
9. Less than.
10. A. B. is temporal lobes, C. is parietal lobes, and D. is occipital lobes.
11. Two violins, viola, and cello.

Coolest Mom You Know said...

1. October
2. False
3. Gulf of Mexico
4. four
5. False
6. Depends on how big a foot we're talking about here (I kid, I kid) 225.
7. True
8. Neon
9. less than
10. B
1,000,000 Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

Yorksdevil said...

N is nitrogen; neon is Ne.
Africa is not a country south of Europe, but South Africa is.
I don't know what's in a string quartet, but I'm inclined to agree with Avitable.

The problem with this sort of quiz is the kids have just been told the answers at school, the rest of us are just expected to know.

Just Dave said...

1. October
2. False
3. Gulf of Mexico
4. 4
5. False
6. 225
7. False
8. Nitrogen
9. Less than
10. B
Bonus - Violin, viola, cello (not a lemon one) and bass.

And, no, I did NOT copy off anyone's paper.

coffeypot said...

1. October
2. False - It is a Continent.
3. Wet
4. More than 1 and less than 10.
5. False! He never saw America. He found Cuba and Mexico.
6. 44! Eleven men on each team.
7. Comets are made up of pictures and words.
8. Nookie!
9. Than what?
10. Where your hair line starts.
$1,000,000 Question: String instruments!

Brother Dave said...

1. October
2. False (South Africa is a country).
3. Gulf of Mexico
4. Four
5. False (15th)
6. 225
7. False (ice, not metal)
8. Nitrogen (nearly 80% of the air we breath.)
9. Less than. (Divide ea. numerator by its denominator.)
10. "A"

String Quartet: Violin, Viola, Cello and ??? (perhaps a 2nd violin for harmony - I think that's it)