Friday, February 22, 2008

The Answers.......AND.....Your Grades.

Here are the answers to yesterday's "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Quiz:

1. 1st Grade Social Studies: In what month do Americans go trick-or-treating? October.

2. 1st Grade World Geography: True or False? Africa is a country south of Europe. False.

3. 2nd Grade U.S. Geography: What is the body of water between Florida and Texas called? The Gulf of Mexico.

4. 2nd Grade English: How many syllables are there in the word Mississippi? 4.

5. 3rd Grade World History: True or False? Columbus discovered America in the 14th century. False. It was the 15th century. (I missed this one)

6. 3rd Grade Measurements: How many feet are there in 75 yards? 225.

7. 4th Grade Earth Science: True or False? Comets are made up mostly of rock and metal. False. They are mostly ice and dust. (I missed this one, too. It sounded reasonable)

8. 4th Grade Chemistry: On the periodic table, what element is represented by the letter N? Nitrogen.

9. 5th Grade Math: Is the fraction 3/7 greater than or less than 7/10? Less than.

10. 5th Grade Biology: The frontal lobe of your brain controls.....A. your learning and decision making, B. your hearing and your memory, C. your sense of touch, or D. your sight. A,

BONUS: 1,000,000 Question: 5th Grade Music: In classical music, what instruments typically comprise a string quartet? 2 violins, a viola, and a cello. (I said a violin, a viola, a cello, and a bass.....ah well...not as cultured as I thought.)


Jay: 90% and he got the $1,000,000 bonus question! B+

Avitable: 100 %, the $1,000,000 bonus question AND extra Bonus points for correcting naming all the other lobes of the brain. (show off) A+ (tied with Brother Dave for the best score. He's so smart!)

Coolest Mom: 90%, no bonus. B

York: 100% on the 4 he answered. Out of 10: 30% and the bonus $1,000,000 question. (In my school corporation, we don't give "F"s to the elementary students, we give "U"s for "Unsatisfactory". Sorry) U

Just Dave: 90%, no bonus. B

Coffeypot: 20%, no bonus, but extra credit points for the most creative answers. (Teacher's pet) He should get a "U", but because he tried so darn hard.....A. (I told you he was the teacher's pet).

Brother Dave: 100% AND the bonus $1,000,000 question. (Tied with Avitable for best score) A+, of course.

I thought this was fun. We'll do it again next week.

I am taking the weekend off from blogging. See you all next week.



Avitable said...

That was fun - thanks for posting this.

Canadian flake said...

Sorry I missed the quiz...but I think it is good because I would have sucked at it...

I am the first to say...
"My name is canadian flake and I am NOT smarter than a 5th"

Jay said...

Exqueeze me, but I think 90% should be an "A" ;-)

You missed the Columbus question?? All you gotta do is remember "In fourteen ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue." And then remember that the 1400's were the 15th century. haha

Just Dave said...

I agree with Jay. And Avitable cheated.

Avitable said...

Don't be mad just because I got extra special bonus points!

Yorksdevil said...

I actually only answered three questions. There didn't seem much point answering them all since Avitable appeared to have gotten them all right before me.

A Little Revolution said...

Dang, I shoulda come in time to play. Maybe next time!

e.Craig Crawford said...

Trick or treat this year will be in November. National election. ;-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

when that show first came on, I scoffed at it and said how stupid can these people be?? That is, until I realized how much I DIDN'T KNOW!!! How embarassing!

Anonymous said...

Us guys who drive a truck / workin for a livin, don't have a clue here!
Whats TV?
Teachers Pet?
Where was this "teachers pet" when I was in school?
If'n I coulda pet her, I may have learned sumfin.
Cool test. I feel quite inadequate. re-up me for 5th grade.