Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3 - Saturday Special

Boy, am I tired! It has been go, go, go around here. I can't wait for next weekend, when we have no guest and the kids are spending time with their dad! Maybe I can get some sleep!

Here is a weekly Saturday meme that I want to get started, the "Saturday Special".

~Creative Adventure VII~ Time again to use your imagination ;-} Fill in the blanks.

1. While driving through an old abandoned town you take a turn down a side road and spot a railroad yard with an old train station, thinking it might be fun to explore it, you __________?:
I carefully pull the car over and park. I take my cell phone and a flashlight, just in case, and eagerly get out of the car. The first thing I want to look at is that old ticket window.

2. Walking through the old train station you get a funny feeling you are not alone, you turn to see __________?:
I am surprised to see the ghost of a woman traveler standing there. She looks like she is looking for someone. "Have you seen my husband?" she asks.

3. Rushing back to your car and just about to cross the old tracks you hear the sound of a train whistle pass you by but __________?:
I don't see a train. I feel the rush of air as if a long passenger train is passing. The whistle sounds and the brakes squeal as the imaginary train seems to be stopping at the station.

4. Once in your car driving away you think to yourself __________?:
I wonder if the lady passenger ever found her husband. Did she get on board, or is she lost forever?

Have a great weekend all.


e.Craig said...

A haunted train station. It makes a nice Halloween tale. (4 days late)   ;-)

e.Craig said...

A haunted train station. It makes a nice Halloween tale. (4 days late)   ;-)

Jay said...

You really should be carrying some mace with you if you're gonna wander around a deserted train station. Maybe even a gun. ;-)

Jay said...

P.S. Always shoot zombies in the head. ;-)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Craig - Everything in my life has been late lately! I hope I'll catch up after Lea leaves.

Jay - It's fiction, silly! Besides there were no zombies in my story!


Just Dave said...

1. ..park close to the sign that says "Abandon all hope" and try to get the theme music from "Friday the Thirteenth" out of my head.

2. ...a midget wearing a Captain Kirk mask with razor gloves carrying a chain saw.

3. ...I realize it wasn't a whistle but the midget wheezing as he tries to keep up with me.

4. ...Gee, that was really politically incorrect of me, using the term midget instead of little person.

BTW - I liked your story better.

Just Dave said...
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Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Ooooh! Intriguing!

Canadian flake said...

very cool story...I really liked it...wtg and thanks for sharing.