Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 13 - Socks!

Socks are the bane of my existence. More than bills. More than tub mildew. Maybe even more than my ex-husband.

We literally have millions of unmatched socks in this house. They hide under couches and beds. Stray ones lay near the laundry basket in the basement. And I am pretty sure that only 4 - 6 of them actually match.

My mother is obsessed with the sock problem. She can not stand it if anyone's socks are not perfectly clean and perfectly match. It doesn't matter that any two socks are approximately the same shape, size, and style. They have to clearly be a matched set.
In the winter, when your socks are under your jeans or pants, as long as they're the same texture and color, I just don't see that perfection is required.

And she hates my solution to the "whose sock is whose?" problem: I put all the socks in a laundry basket. If a child recognizes a pair of socks as his or hers, he or she is free to take them out and put them in his/her room. Otherwise, if you need socks in the morning, you look in the basket. This drives her crazy. Of course, most of my house (and my life) drives her crazy. But that's another story.

One of these days we will finally have no socks at all that match, just a pile of odds, I will have no choice but to take the next logical step:

Buy more socks.



Jay said...

Maybe you should throw all the socks out and start over from scratch. And you can color code each kid. One gets white socks, one blue, one red and the girl can have pink socks cause she's a girl. LOL ;-)

Canadian flake said...

roflmao we have the same problem here...I actually have a basket that is "the sock basket"..

Nice to see I am not the only one..lmaooooooo.

e.Craig said...

Well I have a theory, as   hare brained   as it might appear. I believe that socks actually reproduce. I mean what else could possibly explain the proliferation of unmatched socks in one's household?
I'm lucky. It's just me here. So all unmatched socks are undeniably mine. And every so often one of those little puppies pops up. Like out of nowhere. I admit it sometimes is a bit upsetting.
Now as far as a matching sock obsession goes ... that's a curious trait in a person. I think. Even a stray sock goes into my sock drawer. Sometimes its mate eventually shows up. I guess I'm pretty laid back over the whole thing. ;-)

Marni said...

My mom actually safety pins the socks together before throwing them in the washing machine... she is obessessed with them too.

I like for mine to match but they don't have to.

We have the same problem at our house, too. I'll see socks in every corner, nook and cranny... and then get pi$$ed when the kids complain that they don't have any socks to wear.

Dazd said...

Dazed Over the Holidays is posted at my site...check it out!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I hate matching socks, hate it. I try to buy all of the same kind for each of us. But that becomes hard because in summer Ian wears the short socks and winter the taller ones.

Just Dave said...

If you dye them all black, it will be harder to tell the differences and they will all approximately match. Size is another story.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Jay - Knowing what you know (and have heard on the phone) of my daughter, do you think she would be okay with pink socks? No way!

Flake - We have "the sock basket" too. It works for us.

Craig - I think they reproduce AND they like to play hide and seek!

Marni - Maybe we're related. Our mothers sound a lot alike! LOL!

Dazd - Are you pimping your own blog in my comments section? Sheesh!

Lisa - I hate boy/guy socks! Too big, too easily stretched out, and too stinky!

Just Dave - Well, I thought that would work with all white ones....but it doesn't seem to....
Who knows?


Dazd said...

LOL No no no...I am trying to get you to see the BLOGMEET Dec. 22nd in Indy!!!!!!

Jebus...I'm not that desperate for blog attention!