Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Come out, come out, whoever you are!

I saw this over at Fleur-de-Lisa's and I just had to do it! I get tons of hits a day, but average only about 10 comments per post. Don't the rest of you have anything to say? Just who are all you people?! Come on, introduce yourself. Let me know what you think about my latest love crisis. Anything! Please.... (don't make me beg)



Sayre said...

Well, you know I hang out over here whenever I can...

BTW - Gary is a first class bast**d. How do they do it, these guys? They come in all sweet and lovey and then when they get what they want, they suddenly have a problem with something and can't see you again. What a**.

That said, there are some nice guys out there. They usually show up when you're not looking for them though. That's how Darling Man happened. And even though we enjoyed each other a lot, I was quite wary of him and this "relationship" for a long, long time. It took a while before I was able to let go and admit that he was more than a warm body in my bed.

Michael said...

I'm not de-lurking because I've never lurke... just followed your link from over at Fleur de Lisa's and thought I'd say "Howdy"... ;-)

e.Craig said...

Sometimes I comment. Sometimes I don't. That's me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I commented below, but I'll say it again. Jackasses.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Well I KNOW you already know me! Don't you ever wonder where all of those lurkers come from? Especially the ones that keep coming back over and over again and never say as much as boo. ;)

captain corky said...

Hello. I'm Corky. Will you be my friend?

Anonymous said...

Okay...I'm coming back out to comment again. I read and never say anything...guilty! As to the Gary thing, he's just being a weenie. Too chicken to say he's not up for a relationship so he has to pass judgement on you. He needs to grow a pair so he can speak his real truth. I like how you confronted him on how it didn't bother him until after you spent the night. Truth is...he's not worthy of you. And the whole idea that women should somehow feel guilty for being sexual beings is crap! You are in the prime of your sexual enjoy it. Just play safe!


RWA said...

Hope this works so you can "identify" some of your lurkers.

XI Summit said...

Hi, my name is Xi and I'm a lurker. I've only been here a short while but plan on coming around more often.

No advice in the love crisis, just be careful.

Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

You know me too, J! I always read even if I don't comment often!

Canadian flake said...

lol blogger does seem to have a lot of lurkers that don't comment...but those of us that DO comment think you rock girl!!!

heels said...

I'm a day late, but I know you know I'm here often!

I have ALL KINDS of assvice about the schmuck... I mean Gary, but I won't annoy you with it (unless you want me to!).

HoosierGirl5 said...

Sayre - Thanks for the kind words. I love to have you here!

Michael - Welcome! Any friend of Lisa's HAS to be cool.

Craig - I know you love me. ;)

Tense - Ha! You made me laugh!

Lisa - Yes, I know you. But I still want to see a picture of the red underwear (wink).

Corky - Yes, dear. I will be your friend. I want my bumper sticker!

Elizabeth - Hi! I'm glad you spoke up. I agree with you. I intend to enjoy myself - just safely.

RWA - I have met some new blog buddies. But I'm always glad to see YOU.

Xi - Glad to meet you. Stop by anytime.

L-A. and J.'s Mom - Yes, I know you, dear. And I'm so glad you keep coming by.

C.F. - Now, why can't I find a MAN who feels like you do? (har, har)

Heels- Yes, I'm glad you still come by.


CindyDianne said...

First time I've been here. But, I have a thought about Gary - Jerk.

I don't know what your secret is, but I do know this. When I told my now husband my deep dark secret he said "and?" and we kept on going like it was, oh I don't know, in the past? Because it was in the past for me and it is in the past for you.

Good riddance Gary.

sybil law said...

I am always late to the party.
Hi, I am Sybil.