Saturday, September 01, 2007


One of my favorite bloggers, Jeff, has developed a system for updating his blog: NEWS FLASH! I really like the way it covers all the basics of the goings-on of a person's world. Here is his explanation of NEWS FLASH:

NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life: News (or current events), Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.), Work (thoughts on the job or employer), Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural), Family (or friends), LoveAnxiety (a rant or a trouble), Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.

N - News: I have been keeping up with the news on those poor miners in Utah. The news today is that they have finally called off the search. We have quite a few mines just south of here in Kentucky, and it seems like there is always something about a mine accident in the local paper. Have you ever seen that movie, October Sky? It's the story of Homer Hickam, the son of a miner who dreams of being a rocket engineer. After seeing that movie, I just can't imagine how awful it must be to be a miner, and to die so young, as they all seem to do. Of course, I couldn't ever be a miner anyway..... I get claustrophobic in caves. I couldn't possibly be that deep underground. The other news that has caught my attention is that creepy Senator who was caught soliciting sex in an airport bathroom. Why do men do this? You never hear about a woman being caught in a homosexual bathroom sex sting! It's just weird.

E - Entertainment: I am way behind the times in this area. The last movie I saw in the theater was "Harry Potter". I really wanted to see "Ocean's 13", but never got there. I'm watching "The Holiday" right now. Again. It's totally a chick flick, but I love it. I hardly ever watch TV, but my favorite shows are "Monk", "Numb3rs", any "CSI", and any "Law and Order". My current entertainment is listening to music, reading (I just started The Collectors by David Baldacci), and watching Daniel play football (more on that below).

W - Work: Work is work. My classroom is coming together in some ways, and falling apart in others. I got a new student earlier this week, Ahmad. He is a sweet boy, 1st grade, big built. The first student I've heard had that is truly psychotic, and I don't mean that as a joke. When he's calm, he's a dear. But when he's upset, he is truly out of control. It's a little scary. While trying to calm him the other day, he tripped me and slammed my back against a cabinet. I have a very pretty bruise on my back as a rememberance. Also my boss is crazy. But that's another story.

S - Spirit: I've been a little down lately. I just feel like something is missing in my life. I mean, I love my kids, my parents, my siblings, my nephews, even my cats. I have a good job that, even if I don't love it, makes me feel like I'm making a contribution to the world and at least pays the bills. I go to church every Sunday and I feel good about being there. I guess I'm lonely. I don't have anyone really to talk to. I mean, I have friends, but they're as busy as I am, and they all have husbands, so I don't want to call up and whine about how I wish I had a boyfriend or about my difficult job that I can't quit. And I never have time to go anywhere, not that I have anyone to go with. I do pray about it every night. I guess His answer is "Wait." So here I am, still waiting.

F - Family: The family is good. Aaron is recovering well from his tonsil surgery. He is a little tired, and now is kind of bored from staying home most of the time. But he seems like he's mending. Daniel played an awesome football game Thursday night. He played defensive line and fullback on offense for the 7th grade game, then got to "play up" for the 8th grade game and played defense then, too. He was tired, but happy. Rachael got good news last night - she got a part in a StageOne play in Louisville. StageOne does children's plays, but is very well-known in the area and tons of school groups come to see their productions. She's in the ensemble of "Madeline's Christmas". She is very excited, AND gets paid $250 to do it. Joseph is busy with Fall Show and working and being a senior.

L - Love/Anxiety: I am trying to be satisfied with this empty space in my life. I miss having someone to love. I miss having someone to rub my back. I miss having someone to sleep with. The only thing that comforts me is that eventually, after an empty place, someone shows up. I guess I'm just hoping and waiting for that someone to show up. As for anxiety, I have a lot of anxiety over money. I did get a decent raise, but every paycheck there's always something that takes it up. I worry about how I will send Joseph to college.

S - Sports: This is an easy one. Football and soccer. Mostly football. I love watching Daniel play football. I joked that he is the only male to make me love football. Aaron just started soccer, but of course now he's had to take a week off, but next week he will have his first game.

H - Home/Health: I have already bragged on my kids and whined about my lack of a love life, so I'll focus on "health". Aaron and I have been diligent about our healthy diets and our exercise and it is paying off. Aaron is decidedly trimmer around the waist and has lost 6 pounds. His endurance is really improving. I have lost 14 pounds, and today I bought a new pair of black khakis in a new size. Mind you, I still don't weigh what I should, but at least I'm not what I was.

Well, I guess that's more than enough for now.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


Canadian flake said...

wtg and congrats on loosing the 14 lbs. As far as the loneliness goes, hang in there. I was a single mom for 8 yrs and I remember feeling so lonely that I didn't think some nights I would make it. It wasn't until I gave up...made peace with it and decided that God wanted me to stand on my own for some reason, that my husband sorta fell into my is soooooo

e.Craig said...

Great post. I could make a lot of comments but will limit it to just a random couple.
If I were to ever solicit sex in a public restroom, you can darn well bet it would be the Women's Restroom.
And, it was a smart thing you did getting a new article of clothing. Who cares if it becomes to big for you in a few months.

Brother Dave said...

J - Just keep moving forward with those things over which you have some control.

The rest will come along, without fail.

I like the way that canadian flake made peace with her personal life situation, and then it all turned out OK.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Women don't solicit sex in a public bathroom because women are not pigs.

Congrats on the weight loss-- that's fantastic.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Canadian flake - Thanks! I know you're right, but being single sucks. I'll get over it.

Craig - I can't imagine you picking anyone up in a bathroom! But I never doubted your allegiance to the opposite sex. ;)
I hope you are right in thinking that these new pants won't fit in a few months. I'm still working on it.

Dave - I'm still hanging in there.

Lisa - Your comment made me laugh out loud! Too funny! Thanks for the congrats on the weight loss. I'll tell you when I hit 20 pounds.


RWA said...

Well, that is a unique way to post and update people on basically every aspect of your life.

Sayre said...

I enjoyed your newsflash (as much as I do Jeff's). It does seem like a very efficient way to doing things. I might try it sometime, but I'm not a very efficient writer - I tend to start on one thing and just keep going.

Congrats to both you and Aaron on your healthy endeavors!!! I've got my boy signed up for the Champions program at school. They exercise before or after school for about 45 minutes. We're going to do before school - so he'll be relaxed and able to sit still and pay attention in class.

Congrats also to Rachel. She's going to turn you into a stage mom yet!

Jay said...

I think there was a story about two NFL cheerleaders who were arrested for having sex, WHICH EACH OTHER, in a bathroom last year. I can't really remember the whole story. Oh well.

I don't think there's enough going on in my life to fill each of these categories.

captain corky said...

I think it's great what you do with those kids. It breaks my heart to hear about their troubles, but at least somebody with a good heart like you is trying to make a difference. :)

P.S. I promise I'll be back to being obnoxious tomorrow.

Kentucky Girl said...

Hey, that is an interesting way to do it! LOL

Jeff said...

Very good use of NEWSFLASH! I am honored. Hang in there! Remember, you have us - your blog friends!

Mimi said...

Loved the NEWSFLASH...very cool idea. Congrats on the 14 lbs...hope you are feeling more cheery soon!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I remember the old "Muppet News Flash" segements on the Muppet Show, with Kermit as the roving reporter. They were awesome

Anonymous said...

Is Numb3rs still on? I like Law and Order SVU and Criminal Intent, I've never seen the original. I love Criminal Intent, it annoys me that all new episodes are gonna be on USA and not even show on NBC anymore

David said...

I just dropped by to see what I missed all week! Now I see that all of us teachers are busy this week!