Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Flash!

It's time for another "Newsflash"! Here's the rundown:

News (or current events), Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.), Work (thoughts on the job or employer), Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural), Family (or friends), Love, Anxiety (a rant or a trouble), Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.

N - News: I am too tired to think too deeply, but I sure hope O.J. goes to jail forever.

E - Entertainment: "Survivor: China" was great this week! They finally voted off that unnaturally-endowed Ashley! But now we're headed for a showdown between Dave and Sherea. She was sure giving him hell at the tribal council. Go get him, girl! P.G. and Aaron are going to be people to reckon with as well. Who knows what will happen next?! God, I love junk TV!

W - Work: School has been going okay. My new boy, A., has leveled off with his medication, which means he's not as docile as he was initially. But he's still doing much better. My principal has been practically non-existent, which usually means trouble when she gets back. I had a small tiff with the school counselor early on in the week, but it seems to have smoothed over. Next week is a short week - no school on Friday, parent conferences on next Monday, and teacher inservice on Tuesday.

S - Spirit: My spirit is feeling better overall. I feel like I have a better handle on things at work, which helps me feel more in control of my life. And most of the time I feel more upbeat because of having Gary in my life. Of course I also feel more fragile and vulnerable for the same reason.

F - Family: All is well at home. Joseph isn't working as much, which is easing his stress level. Rachael is more happy lately- I think it's a new boy, but she's not telling yet. We are looking into having a French exchange student stay with us for a week - if I can pull it off, Rachael can go to France in the spring for only the cost of the plane ticket. Daniel is still doing well - his grades have never been better, he still has his "girlfriend", and of course, the football is going very well. Thursday's game was a combined 7th/8th grade game and we won 26-6. Aaron is improving in his reading and still enjoying soccer and his gym workouts. My parents are planning another trip to Switzerland in the spring.

L- Love: Last night was a really good evening. We went out to eat - fish - and then spent the rest of the evening talking. I know it sounds hokey, but we talked for hours about everything. He bought me a bouquet of roses, which he surprised me with when we got back to his house from dinner, because he wanted me to feel better after a difficult run-in with my ex-husband. And yes, Corky, I spent the night. I'm not the kind to "kiss and tell", but if I were.....well, let's just say I would have a lot to tell. (wink)

A - Anxiety: There appears to be two "Gary" s. There is the sweet, affectionate, romantic Gary, the one who listens to me, tells me his feelings, and remembers that I like roses. Then there's the other Gary - the one who is terrified of getting hurt again, the one who overthinks things, the one who is already worried about where we would live if we got married. I went to bed last night with the first Gary and I woke up with the second. Don't get me wrong - he is kind and caring and sweet, no matter what, but it's a little scary, because things are so good, and then he throws up another road block. I am a little afraid to get too close. We had been planning to do something with the kids next weekend, but I told him I didn't want to get the boys together again until he was sure he was ready to date. I want this relationship to work, but I don't want to go any further and get hurt, if he's going to change his mind after we're in too deep. I love all his overthinking...I just hope he ends up thinking we're worth the risk.

S- Sports: We are a two sport family - soccer and football. Go, boys, go!

H - Home: I like being home. I really liked being at home with Gary last night. It was very comfortable. I hope there will be more evenings like that.

That's it for now!


Brother Dave said...

About OJ - OJ might turn out to be the Houdini of the criminal set.

Entertainment - I have never been a Survivor fan. Desperate Housewives starts its new season tonight. I shall be there for it.

Work - Enjoy your short work week.

Spirit - Life is happier when we have a better handle on things. Nonetheless, we all know that life happens while we are busy making other plans.

Family - I think that family comes first with you, and romance runs an extremely close second.

Love - It is good to see the "love department" developing.

Anxiety - I am not sure that putting a condition on whether you and Gary plan a weekend for the kids is wise. Whether or not Gary is sure about dating, a weekend with the kids sounds like a smart thing to do. There is plenty of time to sort out the dating issue (IMHO).

Sports - Terrific diversion.

Home - I surely hope that things work out well for you. Be patient with yourself. :-)

Jay said...

I don't think there's any way OJ walks this time. I think the prosecution will do whatever they have to do and spend whatever it takes.

e.Craig said...

"Marriage What-if thoughts" are a little premature, so maybe Gary #2 needs to hear you say, "Let's not rush things. We need to get to know each other before we even think about marriage .. much less where will we live." Or something like that.
I would date a woman for a year before even thinking about marriage. Not that I've ever done that before. ;-)

Sayre said...

Gary must really like you if he's freaking out already....

But this sure is early to be thinking about the M-word and living arrangements! Tell him to slow down (his head!) and take it easy. You're not going anywhere right now so relax and enjoy getting to know each other.

Let the kids play.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Excellent News Flash update J! Glad to hearthings are going so well for you at the moment! Enjoy!

RWA said...

I am concerned about your apparent dislike for Ashley Massaro.


RWA said...

On a separate note, I am most impressed that brother dave is a "Desperate Housewives" fan!!!

Brother Dave said...

Sidenote: rwa, "Desperate Housewives" is soo trashy. And the humor is the "slap you in the face with it" variety.

Compared to sit-coms, with their every third line a laugh-line, the "controlled" laughter, and second-rate humor, "Desperate Housewives" is something I can enjoy.

The stresses in life during the week deserve this light-hearted fare as a starter. I wish that more people liked it.

Canadian flake said...

Glad you had a great night with Gary. Hang in there and try to take one day at a time.

I agree with you about O.J. I hope he rots...

I am a Survivor fan and enjoying Survivor Fridays on my blog...the comments I get crack me up.

Yorksdevil said...

I like how you say 'soccer' and 'football' as if they are two different things.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Dave - You made me laugh with your "family is first and romance is a close second", because it's so true! I am pathetically obvious in my longing for love and romance. Good advice on Gary.

Jay - Out of all that, you only comment on the first line?!!!!

Sayre - I told him it was way too soon to worry about things like that, but he says he can't get involved with someone unless he is sure he possibly could make it permanent. I can't believe I have met someone who is more anxious about committment than I am!
I agree with you on the kids. I just don't want Aaron to get too used to playing with Gary's son and then things don't work out....

E.craig - I told him my one year rule: no talking about the "m" word until having dated for 1 year. Apparently he isn't used to moving that slow.

Palm Springs - Thanks!

RWA - I don't just dislike her, I also dislike her oversized boobs! AND I dislike "Desparate Housewives"! So there!

C.F. - I am on my way next to check out your "Survivor Friday".

York - You know good and well that in the US, soccer and football ARE different. Soccer involves shin guards and running around with no touching. Football involves lots of padding and LOTS of contact!