Thursday, August 09, 2007


I was just thinking last night how my housework routine could be reduced to three little letters: L.T.D.

L. - Laundry
I do at least one load of laundry every day. I have been known to skip a day, but I always regret it later. We seem to generate a lot of dirty towels and sheets, as well as tons and tons of clothes. The sock situation around here is getting out of control, but that's a whole other post. Joseph is usually my laundry guy, but lately he's been so busy with work, school, and his play that I've been picking up the slack.

T. - Trash
I have Daniel take out the trash at least once a day. Sometimes twice. But it must be done every day or the kitchen will look awful. Part of this job, for Daniel, is the litter box. It has to be checked and emptied once a week.

D. - Dishes
In the summer we use a lot of dishes. Rachael loads the dishwasher about once a day, sometimes twice. After school gets started, once a day will do it.

The rest of the housework is hit-and-miss. I sweep, or I get Rachael to do it for me. Someone runs the vacuum. The bathroom, I'm sorry to say, is a once-a-week job. But if I make sure to hit L-T-D every day, we stay reasonably well-maintained. Not showplace clean, maintained.



Yesterday I was so proud of myself. I went to school to work on my room and stayed until about 1:30. Then I came home and had several errands to run before I picked up Joseph and Rachael from their first day of school. They have a ride home every day with a friend, whose mother is an English teacher there, but I needed to get them quickly yesterday because Joseph had a doctor's appointment right after school. Besides, it gave me a chance to surprise them with 2 large cups of cold, sweet iced tea from McDonald's (so good on a hot day).

Anyway, by the time Joseph's appointment was finished, I realized I had not planned for dinner at all, and had nothing quick AND healthy at home. Here's where the pride comes in: Joseph and I ran into Kroger. I picked up a roasted chicken, a container of au gratin potatoes from the gourmet deli, a bag of salad, and a loaf of "bake it yourself" french bread. Within about 15 minutes, everyone was enjoying roast chicken, potatoes, salad, and hot bread. In the past my first response would have been "Okay, we're out of time, I guess it will have to be fast food." But because I don't want us to do fast food anymore, I had to think of something else. And all of the above, plus a gallon of milk, was still less than it would have cost me to buy everyone McDonald's. See? I am changing my thinking!

Other good news:
When I took Joseph to the doctor, I sneaked a look at myself on the scale. I have lost about 8 pounds since I visited the doctor 6 weeks ago! That's a little slower than I would have liked, but at least it's going down.

Well, that's all for now. My room at school is coming along.
Have a great week.


RWA said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with just maintaining. That's my goal.

Well done on the dinner, too. It's surprising how doing something like that can actually be cheaper than fast food, isn't it?

Kentucky Girl said...

Dang. I need kids if you get them to do housework like that. LOL

Congrats on the loss! Any loss is better than a gain, right? :D

Jeff said...

Good for you, but you already look pretty thin on that pic up there.

C.Jane said...

L.T.D. is the story of my life as well. Except we don't have a dishwasher, and that pretty much sucks.

We have a sock problem, too. I have a whole laundry basket full of socks that seem to have lost their mates. WTH? I don't want to buy more...we'll just end up with 2 baskets of unmatched socks!

I was reading your profile...what do you teach? I home school my kids, and I love it. My eldest just graduated after 12 years of being home schooled and now has a scholarship to a local college. I have only 3 children, but they are around similar ages as yours - 18, 13, and 8.

Good going on the better eating plan! *applause*

Brother Dave said...

w0w J - You have truly turned your life around with the healthy meal plans. Great job!

I am familiar with the drill when it comes to maintaining. At least we all make the effort.

Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep in mind that the rate of loss slows down over time, so do not get discouraged when it happens. Just keep up the healthy eating.

Jay said...

I have a deep burning hatred for doing laundry. I have no problem with washing dishes or really anything else, but laundry is evil.

Congrats on the 8 lbs!! UR doing great!

e.Craig said...

Way to go, J, on the discipline to avoid fast food when in a time crunch. Isn't it amazing how much money you can save? Money in your pocket instead of Ronald's cash register, and healthier eating to boot.

When we consider how the pounds creep on over the years, it is reasonable to expect to take a while to shed them. Like brother dave says, that weight loss slows after the initial fast "spurt." Keep up the good work!

HoosierGirl5 said...

RWA - Most of the time we are in "maintenance" mode. But we DID catch up on some things this summer.

Kentucky Girl - That is why God gives you children. "Slave labor" is what balances out all the diapers you changed AND all the teenage backtalk. I consider it my duty as a parent to be oppressive during their teenage years. What else are they going to complain about? (grin)

Jeff - I wish I was as skinny as that girl! Soon, hopefully!

C.Jane - Thanks for stopping by. I teach special education. I will visit you soon.

Brother Dave - I don't consider 8 pounds in 6 weeks FAST. I am pleased that I haven't really been "dieting" and I have lost. I need to apply myself more.

Craig - Thanks for the encouragement. :)