Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stats and a little whining.....

First, some stats:

June 17 was my one year "blog-iversary". I was kind of in a funk over "Sam" around that time, so I didn't really feel like writing anything special. So here I am in my second year of "The Coffee Table". It's been interesting, getting to write here and get to know people. Some of my blogger buddies who are still around were with me way back then: FindingHeart, Sunshine, "Eatmisery", York, and Birdman. Some of my best old buds have dropped out of the blogging scene. And of course, I have made all kinds of new and interesting friends along the way. (smile)

I just noticed earlier on my StatCounter, that I have had over 10,000 hits. 10, 276 to be exact. May had 1,226 hits and June had 1,023. That truly amazes me.

Now, truth be told, I am tired and grumpy this evening. I have been running around ALL day:

I left the house at 7:45 AM to take Aaron to reading tutoring, then came back home and took Joseph to work, then picked Aaron up, took him home, took Daniel to the gym, walked a mile on the treadmill while I waited for him, took him home, ran to the credit union to get some money, picked up a friend and dropped her off downtown (she doesn't drive), came home, took Rachael to work, picked Joseph up from work, drove him to "Footloose" practice, picked my friend up from downtown and took her back to Louisville, went by the Ford dealership to get a new tire ($100, thank you very much), picked Joseph up from play practice, stopped for dinner for everyone at Penn Station, came home. And that was only at 4:30.

The house is a mess. I have done little of what I wanted to do today, except get the tire taken care of. I still have to go get Joseph from the high school at 9, and then pick up Rachael and her friend Becky from the movies sometime after that. Is it any wonder I'm grouchy?

Happy Hump Day!


Yorksdevil said...

I didn't realise I was an early reader. I'm usually too lazy to bother reading the old posts when I start reading a blog so I'm in the dark about this sort of thing. As I recall, I began by insulting your choice of soft drink.

$100 for a tyre seems expensive. I'm sure we usually get two for that sort of price, but i suppose a lot depends on vehicle, brand etc. It's usually Britain that has the rip-off prices.

Jay said...

Happy belated blogiversary!

Brother Dave said...

Well, the blogosphere is truly an interesting place, J.

Your family keeps you running. And though you likely would not have it any other way, kudos to you for being such a great parent.

I do not believe I could be a good single parent.

Sayre said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I let mine slide right by without noticing - because I'm a little scattered that way... It was back in February.

All that running around doesn't leave much time off for you. Do any of your kids drive?

I did that meme over on my blog - the one you did a couple of days ago. Too braindead to come up with something on my own last night...

RWA said...

Well, a "belated" Happy Anniversary to you!

Dan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. That was very sweet of you.

Where did you get food at Penn Station? I pass through there alot and I see mostly coffee shops and newstands, though there is a larger restaurant near the men's and ladie's rooms where the NJ transit trains come in.

You've been running around a lot. You deserve a nice break. Have a great weekend!

HoosierGirl5 said...

York - My daughter still remembers you as the guy who criticized her music!

Jay - Thanks. I owe all my success to the little people.

Dave - Good single parents are simply good parents, trying to survive.

Sayre - Joseph is old enough to drive, and Rachael will be in November, but there is no second car at the moment. We are working on that for the fall. Yesterday WAS an unusual day, really. I was just feeling a little overloaded. I will check out your meme soon.

RWA - Thanks.

Dan - Your comment made me laugh out loud. I live in Southern Indiana. Penn Station is a sub chain, like Quizno's or Subway. I DO run a lot, but in the summer I don't mind so much. Yesterday was just a LOOOONNNNNGGGG day.
Thanks for stopping by.


Dan said...


Oh my gosh! You know what made me think you were talking about Penn Station in Manhattan? I look to the right, to see if your profile info was there and I saw "New York City" but didn't bother to read the words around it! (It's under "For the Puppy Monter".)

Too funny! Sorry about that! :)

Betty said...

Ah, the good old days, chauffeuring (sp?) the kids around all day and all evening. Makes me tired just to remember it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog.
Just checking in.

A secret admirer

e.Craig said...

Happy Blogiversary, J. You are truly the HOOSIER ON THE RUN. I don't see how you do it, and so well.

Mr. Fabulous said...

A belated Happy Anniversary!

eatmisery said...

Yeesh. I don't know what's worse; your job as chauffeur or mine running after two toddlers all day.

We should go on vacation together, sans the children!

mitchgib said...

I so relate to your post. Those "car days" are stressful. When I get home from them, I pray that there is somewhere I can hide ! But there my life is, waiting for me !

Hang in there !

Palm Springs Savant said...

congrats on the anniversary of the blog. Its amazing how time flies by isnt it?

re; the stress and such, hold on tight!