Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Time Meme......

And now boys and girls, let's take a walk on the lighter side....


Pool OR Jacuzzi: Usually pool, but if I could get away.....jacuzzi.

Ocean OR Pool : Ocean, definitely.
Ice cream OR Popsicles : Ice cream.
Lemonade OR Iced tea : Sweet tea.
Tennis shoes OR Flip flops: I'm a "tennies" girl, all the way.
Fans OR Air conditioning : If it's hot, air conditioning. Come on!
Sprinklers OR Slip n slide : Sprinklers.
Water balloon fight OR Water gun fight : Oh, water balloons, definitely. (wicked grin)


Drink : Sweet tea.
Food : Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Or grilled corn on the cob.
Song : Kokomo, by The Beach Boys.
Hang out : Mom and Pop's, the ice cream place where Rachael works.
Camp: Sorry, none.
Holiday : Fourth of July.
Vacation: St. Pete Beach, Florida.


Where did you go: Washington, DC.
Who did you hang with? The kids, Baron.
Did you do anything illegal: Nope.
Did you go to a concert?: Yes, Rascal Flatts!
What was your best memory?: Watching the fireworks on July 4th at the Capital House.


Where are you going?: Kings Island with the kids.
Name five things you’re most looking forward to this summer:

1. Reading , 2. Catching up with things around the house, 3. Hanging out with the kids, 4. Getting my new laptop, 5. My birthday. (Did I mention it's coming up? Soon?)

I tag anyone who wants to play.....



Jay said...

Ocean over Pool? Umm ... there are sharks in the ocean. LOL

"Did you do anything illegal: Nope." So, it wasn't THAT much fun huh? ;-)

captain corky said...

I love the Ocean too! It looks like you have a nice Summer planned. ;)